Fear shouldn’t lead to ignorance

I was watching the TV, when my show was halted for some breaking news.A superhero (of course it has to be them), just destroyed seven malevolent artifacts used in rituals by wizards, witches and the like.Slowly, the fight with some hooded figures, and the destruction of the artifacts was broadcasted by the goddamn superhero, whoContinue reading “Fear shouldn’t lead to ignorance”

You made a mistake, rookie

I woke up with slight dizziness, and a burning feeling in my wrists.“Huh, so I was kidnapped…”I murmured, yawning.Looking around, I was in a rather spacious cave, with nicely chiseled walls, and filled with gadgets.Behind me, I heard a door opening.“Finally awake, Doctor.You slept like a baby.”A voice said, and soon a man’s figure wasContinue reading “You made a mistake, rookie”

Most wanted man on Earth

I don’t know if I am lucky or not, but I live in a world of superpowers, without having superpowers.I am just a regular guy, working 9 to 5, keeping the tabs on transactions, cleaning the data bases, basic stuff.But today, everything went to Hell.Heroes started appearing, grabbing me, and without a word flying away.“Hey!Continue reading “Most wanted man on Earth”

Experience and open-mindedness begets wisdom

Sigh…Another month, another job.Seriously, I don’t get it why is it so bad that my superpower is that of simple superhuman physical abilities.I could have been a superhero.Alas, fate had dealt me other cards, and due to my precious daughter’s condition, all I am good for is to be a goon for the villains…Villains thatContinue reading “Experience and open-mindedness begets wisdom”

Don’t underestimate the predecessor

The world was old and new at the same time, for change never stopped.And in an ever-changing world, danger was always accompanied by opportunity and vice-versa.No mortal creature was able to free themselves from this cycle, for their desire to achieve something more than just “existing” was ingrained deep into their soul.Thus, as the worldContinue reading “Don’t underestimate the predecessor”

Catching up with the villain

In our world of superheroes, and supernatural beings and events, common criminal acts are seen as something unworthy of notice.But I beg to differ.A crime is a crime, and kidnappings aren’t something to scoff at.A villain, with a peculiar power, unknown to the governments of the world, kidnapped tens of thousands of people during theContinue reading “Catching up with the villain”

Superheroes, the free workers of the evil

While the people cheered as the superheroes fought off the gargantuan beasts, and machines a certain supervillain sent to their world, the villain in question was enjoying a glass of wine.“Master, your plan was a success!This is the 9th city destroyed, and they still cheer for their victory!”A half-lizard half-monkey like creature shouted.“Indeed, the heroesContinue reading “Superheroes, the free workers of the evil”

Demon Superhero

I was bored.As a mutant elemental demon in hell, I needed to run from those that wanted to: eat me, enslave or just simple train with me and also needed to run after those I wanted to do the same.Doing so was dangerous and entertaining, until a point.After I mastered the water elements, despite beingContinue reading “Demon Superhero”

For her, I shall even forgive

In a world filled with supers, it’s hard to come from a single parent family.Not because I lacked love, on the contrary, mom gave me everything I needed.But it’s hard because the world is still the same, trying to drag down those who are happy with what they have.My mom’s powers were average, telepathy withContinue reading “For her, I shall even forgive”