Unable to fight the curse

I am but a small, not worthy to be mentioned, wannabe writer…I’ve written everything I liked.Novels, short-stories, epic-fantasies, comics, scripts what you can imagine, I tried my hand at…As a kid, before I even was 18.Afterwards, I usually stood within novels and comics field, rarely writing anything outside them.But this isn’t something I am doing…voluntarily.Yes,Continue reading “Unable to fight the curse”

It’s not easy to be a good friend

I was sipping an amazing ginger tea, feeling how it cleansed my body, as astral swords fought swarms of death mosquitoes over my head.I sighed.“You heroes are such pricks, hypocrites! You also do whatever you want, just in a different way!”Alex, my best friend shouted.“Shut the hell up, villain scum! We aren’t going around, killingContinue reading “It’s not easy to be a good friend”

Nobody would believe it

Our society reached its peak, when it happened.Scientist still argue over the reasons, be it natural mutations, mutations due to the devices used on the planet, mutations to the radiations brought back from stellar expeditions, but one thing is true.Superpowers became widespread.With that came many issues.How can one properly raise a toddler which can moveContinue reading “Nobody would believe it”

Labour Force Agency

The world was shaken one day, as more and more irregularities occurred.It was like the stories from novels started to become reality, and we awakened super-powers, while the wild life changed as well.Soon and sure enough, even other life forms made contact with us.Fast forward a few decades, and the supernatural is the norm.Everything wasContinue reading “Labour Force Agency”

Unlucky kidnappers

I was having my morning coffee and breakfast, at my usual café, working on some reports, when my phone rang.It was my beautiful fiancée.“Hello, darling.You woke up early today.”I greeted, chuckling.My dear fiancée was a heavy sleeper, and a night owl, so seeing her calling me before noon is a miracle on its own.“We haveContinue reading “Unlucky kidnappers”

Asking help from an unexpected place

I was relaxing on my sofa, watching the cartoons, after a long week of fighting with heroes.It’s annoying, how just because you tend to be a little extra with your researches and methods to get your hands on books, and materials, suddenly you are a “villain”.Well, not that I mind it, like these people areContinue reading “Asking help from an unexpected place”

Serving the most dangerous entity

The world we live in, is simply too dangerous, too chaotic.People gained powers a few centuries ago, and now everyone is either a villain, a superhero or trainees in said categories.We arrived to intergalactic levels due to these powers, but alas, we weren’t unique.I am considered a minor villain, as I am the Head ButlerContinue reading “Serving the most dangerous entity”

Unshackled City

I was living in the Unshackled City.Born and raised here.One would think, that it’s a place of great appeal.Unshackled.A city free of problems, in-line with freedom, unfettered, with no guidelines…And the fact is, that this city is simply a city of no laws or rules.It’s is free, it is unfettered, and it is the heartContinue reading “Unshackled City”

Complicated family matters

My family is wonderful and kind.I’ve grown up with two older brothers and three older sisters, all doting on me.Reading stories, helping with my homework, helping with my training, flying me to the moon, and many more.Oh, don’t be surprised with the moon thingy, my family is a family of superheroes.My father and mother areContinue reading “Complicated family matters”