Complicated family matters

My family is wonderful and kind.I’ve grown up with two older brothers and three older sisters, all doting on me.Reading stories, helping with my homework, helping with my training, flying me to the moon, and many more.Oh, don’t be surprised with the moon thingy, my family is a family of superheroes.My father and mother areContinue reading “Complicated family matters”

The ingeniousness of a lazy villain

“I want to conquer the world…from my couch.”Max said, as he clapped and an android brought him cereals.He was still in his pajamas…well he always was in his pajamas, and he watched a couple dozen screens, as he tried to figure out something.“How can I conquer the world, while barely doing anything…”Was what he wasContinue reading “The ingeniousness of a lazy villain”

Clumsy Hero

Watching the streets being ravaged by the two individual’s fight, I felt disappointed.“This is our hero?”I said, shaking my head.Suddenly, the villain was thrown high up in the skies, while the hero started approaching the café I was at.Sipping my tea, I sighed.“She heard me, right?”I said.“I heard you al…right.”She said, almost falling in frontContinue reading “Clumsy Hero”

It’s hard to be a superhero

“Amethyst Sorceress saved the capital city this morning from a group of super-villains …”The news anchor reported enthusiastically.I was eating my cereals, and rolled my eyes.“She arrived at last moment, just to make more of an impact…Typical Lily”I murmured.How did I know her real name?Well, I am a superhero myself, and I know her, butContinue reading “It’s hard to be a superhero”