Unfortunate Target

As I was chilling, simply reading some old magical tomes, I could hear some of my friends roaring and screaming in fear and pain.I sighed, and closed the tomes.“Here comes another group…”I murmured, walking out of my wooden hut.Sure enough, walking out the door, I could see a dozen or so men and women, fightingContinue reading “Unfortunate Target”

Peculiar Saint

In Heaven one can live a life of relaxation or one could offer up his talents for the Heaven’s.Heave’s a realm just like any other.Albeit of a higher grade, it’s basic functions still need to be kept in check.So food growing, harvesting is still needed.Building skills are still needed.Scholars are still needed.Warriors are still needed.AndContinue reading “Peculiar Saint”

The Kind hearted witch

“I will make your lives as good as possible.You two will be the perfect couple, and you will live a long and healthy life.But it all comes at cost, but you know that, right?”Isabella said.“You are a witch, we know your price.The first-born child, is that right?”The young woman spoke first.The man also nodded, grippingContinue reading “The Kind hearted witch”

Manners saved the day

Another day, another mayhem caused and then cleaned up.“Good job me!”I murmur, as I clean up the shards of broken glass.As I am picking them up, a robot comes up to do it.I slightly bump it by mistake.“Ah, I apologize, and I am sorry, but I want to clean it myself.”I said, bowing slightly toContinue reading “Manners saved the day”

Apocalypse at my door

I was reading, when someone knocked on my door.I sluggishly walked over there, in my pajamas and flip-flops.Opening the door, a skinny, but tall young woman grinned at me.She had blinding white teeth, yellowish skin, and spring green eyes.Her hair was down to her ankles, and it was of an amethyst purple color.“Good, good.Take thisContinue reading “Apocalypse at my door”

Burdensome inheritance

I wept for so long, I couldn’t remember if I was crying or it was raining.Standing at the grave of my grandfather, I couldn’t believe it happened.My grandfather was more fit than I, a 20 year old man was…He was cheerful, and…annoying, always playing pranks on me.And oh, he was so loving…He loved games, andContinue reading “Burdensome inheritance”

“Tiniest” Dragon

Dragons.Mighty creatures of great powers and wisdom.But as any living organism, they also have a weakness.Their greed.Be it material wealth or knowledge, be it talented individuals or concepts, the dragons always loved to hoard what they’ve found or won.Contrary to popular belief, dragons rarely stole, for their pride was equal to their greed, and theyContinue reading ““Tiniest” Dragon”

Cute Kidnapping

Mellissa was just going home after a long day at university, when a van pulled up beside her.She just sighed, and relaxed her muscles, just as the van’s door opened, and someone yanked her in.“Go, go, go!”One of the individuals in the van shouted to the driver, who quickly accelerated.At this, Mellissa sighed.“Don’t hurry, andContinue reading “Cute Kidnapping”

Life’s and Death’s life

Life and Death are two different sides of the same coin.But one should know that Life and Death aren’t just concepts.They are both existing entities, two entities that have really important duties in our reality.And these two entities were living in the void far away from time-and-space, far away from the creation we were livingContinue reading “Life’s and Death’s life”

“Red suits you, darling”

“Red really suits you, my love.”I said, watching my dear wife posing in front of the mirror.She wore a beautiful ruby red party dress, we just bought for tonight’s event.“Thanks, I know.”She giggled, and span around, making me lost in my own thoughts.“Honey…Honey, we should go…”She said, poking my forehead.“Oh sorry, I was just mesmerizedContinue reading ““Red suits you, darling””