Birds of a feather

My partner and I met in a small bookshop, coincidentally reaching for the same book: a book on the occult.We laughed, and I gave up upon the book, just to have my sleeve grabbed by her.She told me that after she reads it, she will give the book to me.I accepted, with the condition thatContinue reading “Birds of a feather”

Tempting Fate?…No, I call this flirting

I was faced with my best friend, as she tried to convince me not to do what I was about to do.“Come on! Are you serious now?”She exclaimed, blocking the exit.“Look, it’s just a ball, you know?I will dance, mingle around, maybe meet a handsome fella, the usual.”I shrugged, trying to get pass her butContinue reading “Tempting Fate?…No, I call this flirting”

Bloody negotiations

Inside a long abandoned hospital, the representative of the council of blood donor organizations, and the representative of the Highborn Vampires Council met.The weather was suitable and beautiful for such a meeting.It was mid-October, with a wonderful chilly wind blowing outside, the leaves dancing with its rhythm.The sky was cloudy, with weak, pale yellowish raysContinue reading “Bloody negotiations”

I…I am a Goddess?

I was cooking dinner, when I felt something break inside me, and memories flooded me.I fainted, and my family was all over the place trying to guess what was wrong with me.Despite not being conscious, I was aware of everything around me, and knew they went to the imperial palace, to the sorcerer’s tower andContinue reading “I…I am a Goddess?”

How can we make this work?

In the world of might and magic, many things are possible.The energy of the universe, be it called mana, spiritual energy, ki, source or many more, blesses both living and unliving matter and grants them extraordinary traits.Be it consciousness when it shouldn’t be possible, or powers over different aspects of the workings of the universeContinue reading “How can we make this work?”

Love Saved the World

The world was filled with superheroes and villains, each having abilities far surpassing that of normal humans.Thankfully, most of the strongest powered individuals were heroes, thus peace was being maintained.But still, there were two villains, whom couldn’t be apprehended, and in order to even put stop to their plans, dozens of superhero teams needed toContinue reading “Love Saved the World”

I knew

I was cleaning up the restaurant, when a cloaked figure came in.“We are closed, sorry for the inconvenience.”I said, with my most professional smile, even though I wanted to chuck the water bucket at the individual who came in.“Chef Matthew?”The individual asked with a hoarse voice.“That’s me. But as I said, we are closed, pleaseContinue reading “I knew”

Nobody would believe it

Our society reached its peak, when it happened.Scientist still argue over the reasons, be it natural mutations, mutations due to the devices used on the planet, mutations to the radiations brought back from stellar expeditions, but one thing is true.Superpowers became widespread.With that came many issues.How can one properly raise a toddler which can moveContinue reading “Nobody would believe it”

The One for Medusa

It’s been many years, since the creation of the universe, and many individuals, entities and deeds, became nothing more than legends.But even now, in the modern world, they still exist, cohabitating with the current stage’s actors.This was true for Medusa as well, a Gorgon, an entity whose gaze could petrify the soul of those whoContinue reading “The One for Medusa”