A slapped immortal

The druid looked at us with astonishment.“How did it happen?”He asked, while healing my hand.“I slapped him.”I said, pointing to the towering figure behind me.“You slapped the Deity of the Tree of Life?”The druid asked, with a smile on his face.“Yep.He wants to do something stupid.Somebody needed to wake him up.”I said, sighing.Ygg tried toContinue reading “A slapped immortal”

Burdened by a great “hunger”

I was walking home after a trip to the grocery shop, when ahead of me I noticed shadows, and loud moaning.“It’s not even that late…Damn, love be in the air, huh?”I thought to myself, and quickened my pace.Trying to ignore the shadows in front of me, hidden behind a phone booth, I walked with myContinue reading “Burdened by a great “hunger””

Archenemies on a date

It was eight o’clock in the evening.I was rushing towards my favorite restaurant.I…I was having a date.After all this fighting, and struggling to protect the world, I finally met someone I like.Well, we met online, and we hit it off well.Finally, we decided to have a date, and meet face to face.Soon, I arrived atContinue reading “Archenemies on a date”

It doesn’t change a thing

“I have to tell you something”My girlfriend started, fidgeting a lot.“Seriously, right now?”I asked smiling wryly.After all, I was in a kneeling position, being mid-way through asking THE question.“Y-y-yes, I really have to tell you this…”She stuttered out an answer.I nodded, and stood up.Thank God I choose this hill with a beautiful view, where weContinue reading “It doesn’t change a thing”

Dinner with the devil

I was waiting in a fancy restaurant for my “date”.The tables around me were occupied mostly by couples.I sighed.This atmosphere and the timing…it would be perfect for a romantic dinner.But here I am, waiting to have dinner with the…with the devil.You read that right, “the devil.”You know, “evil incarnate”, “temptation personified”, “red and pointy blackContinue reading “Dinner with the devil”