Sweet release, from this life

Alexis’ life is simple.She gets the target, and then proceeds to deal with the target, in the best possible manner.Be it through ambush, tactics, dirty means, seduction or even head-on battle, she always accomplishes her tasks.Was, a young lass, barely in her early 20s forced to such a lifestyle?Not at all.She was born into it,Continue reading “Sweet release, from this life”

I am done with this

In the endless void, infinite universes spun and grew larger and larger.In a certain area of the endless void, a cluster of universes were bound together by faint lines of karma.These universes were united against outside evils and working together with other benevolent powers.They were a rarity, since they were united, and peaceful.Temporary conflicts, andContinue reading “I am done with this”

A mistaken but perfect match

In a fancy high-end restaurant, two individuals were having a nice date.It was their third date, and their relationship was slowly, but surely blooming.The two were having a simple dinner, soup and salad, but their focus was more on the red wine.The man was tall, and sharp.He had short, pitch-black hair, with piercing cold blueContinue reading “A mistaken but perfect match”

Love triumphs over everything

Waking up, I kissed my wife on the cheek, as she drooled, still sleeping deeply.Chuckling, I stood slowly up, and went on with my morning routine.After finishing getting ready, I made her morning coffee and took it to her.“Honey, wake up.”I said, slowly blowing the coffee’s steam towards her.She was such a sleeping beauty.With herContinue reading “Love triumphs over everything”

Nothing changed

Well, life happened and a classmate of mine murdered me.Was it intentional, or just a mistake whilst being blinded by emotions?I don’t know.All I know, that she hit me in the back of my head, and then threw me down the stairs.You know, the cliché murder you see in university/high school dramas.And then, we addContinue reading “Nothing changed”

Avoiding the silver moonlight

I never left the house after 8 PM.And you would never catch me outside after the sun has set.For some time, it worked.After all, as a kid you aren’t really supposed to be outside.It was harder to decline going to weddings, parties, but it was seen as the mood of a child.But then, I startedContinue reading “Avoiding the silver moonlight”

Marriage of the creepy kind?

I final had the courage to confess to the girl I often saw at the bookshop.She, for a reason unknown to me agreed to go on a date with me, and the relationship snowballed from that point on.From dates once a week, to meeting up daily to discuss new books, movies, shows and talking aboutContinue reading “Marriage of the creepy kind?”

Matchmaking bigshots

After many years, both Heaven and Hell decided to check directly on humanity’s progress.Lest the reports they’ve gotten were skewed, they both sent, an angel respectively a demon to live as humans for a lifetime, and then come back to Heaven and Hell, to report their findings.They started out as babies, and experienced all thatContinue reading “Matchmaking bigshots”

Involuntarily became the greatest beast tamer

I can’t believe it…I’ve been reincarnated into a world of sword and magic…And while I wasn’t really into fantasy or science fiction back on Earth, I’ve read a few books and comics on the topic…And I could see where my life was set to go.I was born into a noble’s family, a Duke’s household. (basically,Continue reading “Involuntarily became the greatest beast tamer”