The Kind hearted witch

“I will make your lives as good as possible.You two will be the perfect couple, and you will live a long and healthy life.But it all comes at cost, but you know that, right?”Isabella said.“You are a witch, we know your price.The first-born child, is that right?”The young woman spoke first.The man also nodded, grippingContinue reading “The Kind hearted witch”

Burdensome inheritance

I wept for so long, I couldn’t remember if I was crying or it was raining.Standing at the grave of my grandfather, I couldn’t believe it happened.My grandfather was more fit than I, a 20 year old man was…He was cheerful, and…annoying, always playing pranks on me.And oh, he was so loving…He loved games, andContinue reading “Burdensome inheritance”

Life’s and Death’s life

Life and Death are two different sides of the same coin.But one should know that Life and Death aren’t just concepts.They are both existing entities, two entities that have really important duties in our reality.And these two entities were living in the void far away from time-and-space, far away from the creation we were livingContinue reading “Life’s and Death’s life”

“Red suits you, darling”

“Red really suits you, my love.”I said, watching my dear wife posing in front of the mirror.She wore a beautiful ruby red party dress, we just bought for tonight’s event.“Thanks, I know.”She giggled, and span around, making me lost in my own thoughts.“Honey…Honey, we should go…”She said, poking my forehead.“Oh sorry, I was just mesmerizedContinue reading ““Red suits you, darling””

Unfortunate Fortunate Meeting

Alex was cycling back home, when out of nowhere, an old lady appeared and he ran her over.The poor old lady fell to the ground, while Alex flew a few meters, before hitting a street light pole.The people all around gathered, and gossiped.Alex was taken to the hospital, as he broke his arm, while theContinue reading “Unfortunate Fortunate Meeting”

The bugs whisper

You know about bugs?Those little critters that are like infinite more populous than us?And they are like, really, really annoying people, especially in spring and summer?Well, I’ve haven’t seen them since childhood.No, oh God, no, they haven’t disappeared, that would spell the end of the world for us, no.They are just kept at bay byContinue reading “The bugs whisper”

The case of missing spare change

Finally it was the weekend.Working all day long on different projects is tiring.But I shouldn’t complain, as it’s quite rewarding.My income is stable, and well above the average.So what if I have to work a bit overtime every single day?Well, I am told I think this way only because I have no girlfriend/wife to comeContinue reading “The case of missing spare change”

Perfectly fitting ability

I am a liquor store owner.It’s not only because I like liquor, but it is also because this has been my father’s dream.And no need to worry, I don’t get drunk.Wait, let me rectify that, I can’t get drunk.I have had some peculiarities about me since I’ve been born.I learnt to walk, talk, read andContinue reading “Perfectly fitting ability”