Unforeseen Scenario

“Don’t…Don’t do it!”A man shouted, with a trembling voice.In front of him stood a young man with a grin on his face.“You should’ve just given me the money, old man.”The young man said.The man shook, and closed his eyes, awaiting the end.But it never came.Opening his eyes, the young man was nowhere to be seen.HisContinue reading “Unforeseen Scenario”

Dangers of eavesdropping

Young man Dan wasn’t out of ordinary nor did he have anything to hide.But he had quite the peculiar hobby.He loved to “eavesdrop” on radio channels, and sometimes he even uses some of his equipment to listen to his neighbour’s pillow talk.He records what he hears but never uses them.He finds joy in “taking part”Continue reading “Dangers of eavesdropping”

A pile of clothes

Everyone knows about “that chair.”You know… the chair in your room, completely covered in clothes?That pile of clothes towering over the room, and giving it an authentic and natural vibe.Well, how about a pile of clothes in the middle of a mountain cave?The hikers have always known about a cave where they can take shelterContinue reading “A pile of clothes”

Well in the garden

There was a well in the garden.The well was old.It was there even before the house has been built by my great-grandfather.The water in it never seemed to decrease, while its purity remained untainted even in the rainiest days.Our great-grandparents, grandparent, parents, and now us, have been using the well, and we never saw aContinue reading “Well in the garden”