Won in life? Are you sure about that?

I was writing mails to my brokers, managers and workers.New plans have been devised to achieve the greatest profit, and I’ve gotten information about some shady dealings done by our rivals.As I was busy detailing the steps needed to be taken, a blinding light filled my office.And there appeared a beautiful angel.It was a tallContinue reading “Won in life? Are you sure about that?”

Why am I here?

Opening my eyes with difficulty, I was greeted by a starry night sky.And three moons, each having a different shade of purple.Trying to sit up, I looked around, seeing that I was in an opening, in a forest.I sighed.“I am not on Earth anymore…”I said, shivering.The trees around me had rusty colored bark, and wereContinue reading “Why am I here?”

Apartment building for the supernatural

I was a simple college student, struggling with my day-to-day life.You know, the usual.Trying to find a part-time job, some side-gigs, so I don’t starve to death.And then, imagine by fright and surprise, when two individuals wearing fancy suits, knocked on my apartment door.The landlady came with her husband to check on the situation, forContinue reading “Apartment building for the supernatural”

Must I save the world…again?

Being immortal is quite rewarding.Long life, plenty of chances of finding things you can enjoy.Of course, if you plan to be miserable, then you can find plenty of chances to be, but I chose to be happy.So, I travelled the many realms enjoying food, entertainment, books and people as well.Being a natural immortal, and aContinue reading “Must I save the world…again?”

Earth, the true defender

Heaven, Earth and Hell.The three main realms that exist.Whilst Earth is the smallest, and it is called Earth Realm, it’s actually the entire universe we are talking about, and not just the planet “Earth”.But while the three are the main realms, there is a certain relationship amongst them.Heaven and Hell are waging wars, while EarthContinue reading “Earth, the true defender”

Natural Disasters or Heavenly Blessings

I’ve been travelling the multiverse for eons, and I find the encounter with new civilizations, new traditions fascinating.How different the same race can be, just because their environment, their starting point, the world’s pressure is different.But it’s truly amusing to find staggering differences, between different staged civilizations.Like about the legends of gods and demons.For some,Continue reading “Natural Disasters or Heavenly Blessings”

Reawakening ancient times

Legends of untold proportions, and unbelievable sights and events, circulated ever since humans, gathered together around a fire.Amongst the legends that most researches supported was one related to mountains.That not all mountains are earth’s risen up crust, but some of them are ancient remains of unknown beasts.This hypothesis was supported by the fact that theContinue reading “Reawakening ancient times”

Nothing changed

Well, life happened and a classmate of mine murdered me.Was it intentional, or just a mistake whilst being blinded by emotions?I don’t know.All I know, that she hit me in the back of my head, and then threw me down the stairs.You know, the cliché murder you see in university/high school dramas.And then, we addContinue reading “Nothing changed”

Ancient Empire?

Humanity was always curious by nature, so the endless space was always enticing to us.It took us many years, many trials and fails to finally achieve true space travel, and afterwards, our advancements exploded.We started to harvest resources from space, and everything started to flow smoothly.But we never forgot our drive, our curiosity.We wanted toContinue reading “Ancient Empire?”