Now, what is going on here?

Become an envoy of Death, they said.It will be good for you, they said.You are such a strong soul, it would be a waste to just relax for eternity, they said.You might become a deity of Death one day, they said.Bullshit.I was simply a glorified butler, doing odd-jobs for the higher-ups.“Go and take the soulsContinue reading “Now, what is going on here?”

This is why I wear a cloak, goddamn mortals

Death will never let me forget this.For Universe’s sake, I told Her that I need my cloak, otherwise it will be too annoying to reap souls, but She had to take it.Goddamn pranks.Goddamn mortals.Death just had to learn the silliest stuff from them.I was the Grim Reaper, which frankly is rude, I was never Grim,Continue reading “This is why I wear a cloak, goddamn mortals”

You shouldn’t have bought a house here

I got tired of the big city life, so I search far and wide, and found a little village in the mountains, and bought myself a house there.It was a pleasant surprise that it was the last house on the main street, and it was quite big, two storied, and pretty well built.The neighbours wereContinue reading “You shouldn’t have bought a house here”

Talk with the Queen of the Goddesses

I knew this day would one day come, but I hoped it was just an irrational fear.Looking at my wife’s shamed looked, and bulging stomach, I sighed.Seriously, I was a normal farmer.Okay, I may or may have not been blessed by Lady Demether because for real, my crops were always top-tier, and someone my farmlandsContinue reading “Talk with the Queen of the Goddesses”

Signs Collections

I was relaxing on the front porch, watching the trees’ leaves sway in the gentle spring breeze.Plenty of creatures waltzed around my little hut, taking it as a gathering spot, not that I didn’t understand it, my hut, and the little pond behind it, were amazing.Just then, a rustling sound was heard, and a groupContinue reading “Signs Collections”

Dude, get a life

I was chilling, walking through a battlefield, bullets flying pass me every second.It was quite a beautiful plain before this, but now it was all charred and filled with craters, albeit now it held a different kind of beauty.As I was walking, people were dying left and right, and a figure was seen multiple times,Continue reading “Dude, get a life”

Everything has its use

I was running a rather decent restaurant in a prosperous city of a great Empire.This Empire valued not only martial arts and battle prowess, but also scholarly talent, for all and everything were part of the ways one could become immortal.Well, my talent was a cooking one.Not really academic, nor combative, albeit, I do knowContinue reading “Everything has its use”

Lesson learned, don’t be an optimistic fool

After living a quarter of my life in my parents’ merchant caravan, trekking through the treacherous sand dunes, I finally found something interesting.A small glass bottle, with intricate engravings, golden, silver and black on it, with an obsidian cap enclosing it.It was…indestructible, I gathered, for I slipped, fell on it, and it didn’t break, byContinue reading “Lesson learned, don’t be an optimistic fool”

It was the right choice

Humanity was doing alright.There were wars, and many problems, but it was still alright.People could know peace, and could know satisfaction.It was alright.As I was enjoying humanity’s development, a low chuckle echoed behind me.“You sure this is how you want your civilization to develop?”A voice asked.“Yep.”I nodded.“Rude to be that direct, also, quite favouritism youContinue reading “It was the right choice”