Humans, are they really that dangerous?

For countless years, the Intergalactic Alliance put a ban upon Earth, a place where a branch of humans lived.They were labeled as highly dangerous, and shall not be interacted with.This label came from a highly important researcher of the Alliance, whom ran simulation on everything and everyone, and deduced that this planet will bring theContinue reading “Humans, are they really that dangerous?”

Strange, but convenient payment

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”I screamed, as I crawled towards the wall.Behind me, slow steps could be heard.“Tsk, tsk, Mr. Sorcerer, that’s all it took?A few months of working hard for you, and then poison and a knife to the guts?”A smug voice laughed.It was my discip…ex-disciple.I expelled the traitor.Reaching the wall,Continue reading “Strange, but convenient payment”

Where should I go next?

Sitting in my cozy armchair, watching the world ablaze I smiled.“This is life…Where should I go next?”I murmured.Indeed, the world was ablaze, the sun setting, having its last days before engulfing Earth, and slowly becoming something entirely else.This was a scene I saw already a few hundred times.It’s a really soothing, and yet an awakeningContinue reading “Where should I go next?”

Nostalgia gone wrong

Going to the guild, I went through my records…So many years of adventuring.From a youth that knew nothing, to an old man who knows nothing.Heh, so ironic.I always wanted to be an S-rank adventurer, and after I became one…I regretted it.Sure, it was fulfilling saving people, kingdoms, and once even the world itself…But…But at theContinue reading “Nostalgia gone wrong”

The Graveyard of Dragons

I sighed.My aching body didn’t let me rest.“It’s time…”I murmured.Spreading my wings, I stood up, but my feet almost gave away.Looking around, I smiled.The trees stood tall, the ancient deer herd was grazing the jade grass.In the trees, Wisdom Owls, and many more critters looked at me with worry.“Be well…my friends…”I said, and started toContinue reading “The Graveyard of Dragons”

A new Olympian is born

Well, let’s keep it short.I died.Doesn’t matter how, why and what will come.The outcome is the same.I am dead.Gone.Forgotten.Waiting for something to happen.And something did indeed happen.I was brought away.Whisked from the comfy darkness that started to drown me, and brought into a blinding field of light.Struggling to open my eyes, and accommodate them toContinue reading “A new Olympian is born”

Envoys for the myths

Humanity was prospering, and everything changed for the better.We put aside our differences, and thrived for a better tomorrow.Tackling problems united, proved to be much more efficient than previously theorized, and environmental issues have been solved one after the other.It’s been decades since more or less peace ruled over the planet.Countries still existed, we stillContinue reading “Envoys for the myths”

Space and Time Travelling Agency

I pulled up right next to the Pillars of Eternity, waiting.Pretty common pick-up point in this universe, after all, it’s hard to miss.Huge towering energy gatherings that took the shape of pillars.There is no known cause for their appearance, but they are like vertical, contained unimaginable explosions, causing space and time to bend.It’s a dangerousContinue reading “Space and Time Travelling Agency”

Awkward tranzition

99 battles in the coliseum of the Great Empire’s capital.47 battles against other gladiators in one on one battles.Fearsome, bloody battles, each ending in life-and-death struggles…33 battles against beasts from across the Empire’s lands.Drake, dragons, wraiths, qilins, giants, mountain spirits, anything that can be found was transported to the coliseum.Thank the Empress that they wereContinue reading “Awkward tranzition”

Being a witch

Witches, wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, druids and the like are all known to exist and live amongst humans.They are different, since they have the blood of different entities flowing in them.Be it demons, other dimensional beings, divine beasts, gods and so on, they can’t be considered fully human, rather they are something completely different and yetContinue reading “Being a witch”