Elder Sister’s Wrath

My elder sister was my world.She was amazing, kind, intelligent, and her drawing skills…She always drew such colourful worlds for me…On my 16 birthday, my parents and her told me a secret.My elder sister is an eldritch entity.How is it possible that she became one, they don’t know.They are certain my mom gave birth toContinue reading “Elder Sister’s Wrath”

This is where I draw the line

“Mark, drag your ass out of your cave and come here!”I shouted, so my best friend and roommate comes out of that cave he calls “room”.The door opened, and out stepped Mark.He was a tall fella, completely hidden in his oversized clothes.“What, David? What’s wrong?”He asked, in his usual mellow voice.“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?I saidContinue reading “This is where I draw the line”

How am I still sane?

I don’t know what those smartasses from my neighbouring house did, but they managed to send me somewhere…When I woke up, I was in a dark place, with flashing rainbow colours, and an annoying static noise.“I shouldn’t have let mages move in next door, but they were so down on their luck…”I murmured, as IContinue reading “How am I still sane?”

The house of untold whispers

I sincerely thought I was lucky.Albeit, never been desperate for a relationship, it felt a bit weird that I was never attracted properly to someone.I say properly, as I did find people attractive, physically or vibe wise, but never enough to actually make an effort to have a relationship, as usually after a couple conversationsContinue reading “The house of untold whispers”

Silly Secret Identities

I have a bunch of lovely friends.It’s true that they laugh at me, and are smug due to a certain information, but they still are lovable.After all…We take care of each other, in our own way.So there is no point being angry about their remarks or subtle stabbings with thorny words.But I feel that it’sContinue reading “Silly Secret Identities”

What can I say? Practice makes perfect

Entering the office, a clown jumped out from behind the door, a bloody machete in his hands.“Morning Jackson, you forgot to change your shoes.”I said, pushing him out of the way.Suddenly, more colleagues appeared, and the clown mask came off, revealing my friend, Jackson.“Dude, not even a flinch?How can you be so unfazed?”He asked.“What canContinue reading “What can I say? Practice makes perfect”

Gods against the odds

The universe is vast, cold, full of opportunities and yet at the same time, perfectly just, impartial…heartless.Thus, it’s not hard to see why humanity had it rough.Calamities, natural and man-made, plenty of them had hit them, let’s not even mention the many conflicts.Many lean thus towards faith, faith for a better world, faith for aContinue reading “Gods against the odds”

Tragedy turned into a blessing

I lost control yesterday.First time in 598 years, I’ve turned someone.It’s a terrible, terrible thing,We vampires are a noble race, and we need not to feed on the blood of others.But…It’s true.Blood is addictive to us.And thus, after almost 6 centuries of not tasting the blood of another, not turning anyone into one of us…AndContinue reading “Tragedy turned into a blessing”

They…They really Exist?!

“Seriously, what do the higher-ups really think?”I said, slamming a pile of documents on my desk.Then, I went and brought 13 more piles inside, each half as tall as I am.“There have been strange occurrences go and check what’s or who’s behind them”They said.“It might be nothing, or the breakthrough of the century, only suchContinue reading “They…They really Exist?!”

Befriending a Nightmare

After a long day at work, I’ve finally arrived home.After a quick meal, and a shower, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.It didn’t take me long to travel to the lands of dreams, as I’ve been exhausted.But, the lands of dreams didn’t welcome me warmly, as I found myself in a dark openContinue reading “Befriending a Nightmare”