Gods against the odds

The universe is vast, cold, full of opportunities and yet at the same time, perfectly just, impartial…heartless.Thus, it’s not hard to see why humanity had it rough.Calamities, natural and man-made, plenty of them had hit them, let’s not even mention the many conflicts.Many lean thus towards faith, faith for a better world, faith for aContinue reading “Gods against the odds”

Tragedy turned into a blessing

I lost control yesterday.First time in 598 years, I’ve turned someone.It’s a terrible, terrible thing,We vampires are a noble race, and we need not to feed on the blood of others.But…It’s true.Blood is addictive to us.And thus, after almost 6 centuries of not tasting the blood of another, not turning anyone into one of us…AndContinue reading “Tragedy turned into a blessing”

They…They really Exist?!

“Seriously, what do the higher-ups really think?”I said, slamming a pile of documents on my desk.Then, I went and brought 13 more piles inside, each half as tall as I am.“There have been strange occurrences go and check what’s or who’s behind them”They said.“It might be nothing, or the breakthrough of the century, only suchContinue reading “They…They really Exist?!”

Befriending a Nightmare

After a long day at work, I’ve finally arrived home.After a quick meal, and a shower, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.It didn’t take me long to travel to the lands of dreams, as I’ve been exhausted.But, the lands of dreams didn’t welcome me warmly, as I found myself in a dark openContinue reading “Befriending a Nightmare”

The End of the World, but apparently…not for me

I was walking to our usual hang out place, with my best friend.We knew each other since childhood, and ever since we’ve ben inseparable.Which, was obviously a good thing for us, not so much for those around us.Two, hyper-active, imagination explosive, young boys…Oh, the mischief we’ve caused, not anymore, at least, not so much.Nowadays, weContinue reading “The End of the World, but apparently…not for me”

Love triumphs over everything

Waking up, I kissed my wife on the cheek, as she drooled, still sleeping deeply.Chuckling, I stood slowly up, and went on with my morning routine.After finishing getting ready, I made her morning coffee and took it to her.“Honey, wake up.”I said, slowly blowing the coffee’s steam towards her.She was such a sleeping beauty.With herContinue reading “Love triumphs over everything”

Reawakening ancient times

Legends of untold proportions, and unbelievable sights and events, circulated ever since humans, gathered together around a fire.Amongst the legends that most researches supported was one related to mountains.That not all mountains are earth’s risen up crust, but some of them are ancient remains of unknown beasts.This hypothesis was supported by the fact that theContinue reading “Reawakening ancient times”

Nothing changed

Well, life happened and a classmate of mine murdered me.Was it intentional, or just a mistake whilst being blinded by emotions?I don’t know.All I know, that she hit me in the back of my head, and then threw me down the stairs.You know, the cliché murder you see in university/high school dramas.And then, we addContinue reading “Nothing changed”

Abomination requested by the guardian god

I was floating in the void, feeding of the nightmares of the universes around me.It was so relaxing.Nobody wanted to approach me, since I was an Eldritch entity.Thus, I was able to relax, grow stronger by eating the negative emotions of the universes that surrounded me, while learning stuff by invade…ahem, visiting mortal dreams.I wasContinue reading “Abomination requested by the guardian god”

A curse not so bad

I was a mischievous kid.Nothing extreme, but pulling pranks on the neighbors, on my classmates, on my parents.You know, the usual: ringing the doorbell and running away, hiding stuff, maybe some egg and toilet paper throwing, but that too rarely.But even that “rarely” was too much.There was this old lady down my street.She was aContinue reading “A curse not so bad”