Making the best out of it

Lucas used to be the best merchant of the Weeping Mountains Kingdom.There was no ore he couldn’t sell as if it was celestial steel.There was no rock he couldn’t find a use for.There was no cold hearted individual he couldn’t win the trust of.Alas, there was always a calamity waiting, inside a rain of blessings.HeContinue reading “Making the best out of it”

Needed Chaos

In a swirling mass of stardust, bits of planets, and darkness, there was a hollow space, where a small floating island existed.Upon the island, a cottage was built, and in it a middle-aged man was painting.The painting was that of a galaxy, filled with colors, swirling, vibrant, but at the edges…it was absolute darkness, seeminglyContinue reading “Needed Chaos”

Dragon Shelter

It’s quite interesting, the world we live in.We have beasts, and kings and queens amongst them all are the dragons.These beasts are the strongest and wisest by far, and yet…How can it be that they are both at the peak and at the bottom, being pets for the other races?It’s baffling.Alas, it’s normal.The young ofContinue reading “Dragon Shelter”

You made a mistake, rookie

I woke up with slight dizziness, and a burning feeling in my wrists.“Huh, so I was kidnapped…”I murmured, yawning.Looking around, I was in a rather spacious cave, with nicely chiseled walls, and filled with gadgets.Behind me, I heard a door opening.“Finally awake, Doctor.You slept like a baby.”A voice said, and soon a man’s figure wasContinue reading “You made a mistake, rookie”

Okay, that’s just rude

It was a beautiful evening, with the stars shining brightly, the moon illuminating the pathway to the meadow where I was once again taken.Wearing nothing, but a crown of flowers, I was sitting upon a palanquin once more, slightly happy that it was summer.It was the 30th evening the villagers brought me out here, readyContinue reading “Okay, that’s just rude”

Attitude of a powerhouse

The human and demon race were at war for eons, before he was born.Magnus was his name, a natural born talent in magic and body cultivation, soaring through the ranks like the dragons across the skies.It didn’t take long for each demon to fear his name, and the generals, commanders, kings and even the LordContinue reading “Attitude of a powerhouse”

No cheating allowed

It was goddamn gruesome to be a teacher in these days.Like I live in a time where gods, devils, demons, superpowered individuals are the norm.I am one as well, but that does not matter.In this world, where making the impossible, possible is common sight…being a true teacher is hard.The way of a true teacher, aContinue reading “No cheating allowed”

Poseidon’s Heir

An urgent meeting was held at Olympus, with all twelve main Gods and many lesser gods as well.“What is this about?”Dionysus asked, looking quite concerned, which was rare for him.The atmosphere at the seat of power of the Greek Gods was suffocating.“Relax brother, if you weren’t this impatient, we might have had more fun lastContinue reading “Poseidon’s Heir”

The Hell you mean he went to Hell?

In our society, supernatural, immortal and mortal events, individuals and worlds were intertwined, coexisting.Most used their powers normally, to ease their lives, but many chose either to use it for the greater good or for evil.I personally thought I was in the first group, making my life easier.But seemingly, casually taking stuff, entering museums, libraries,Continue reading “The Hell you mean he went to Hell?”

The rules are changing

Something is afoot.I have been patrolling the borders of the Silver City for aeons, and beyond that, the borders of the Heavens for an even longer time, and now things are getting stranger.Ever since the dawn of time and even prior to that, it was normal for some life forms to naturally be born inContinue reading “The rules are changing”