“Tiniest” Dragon

Dragons.Mighty creatures of great powers and wisdom.But as any living organism, they also have a weakness.Their greed.Be it material wealth or knowledge, be it talented individuals or concepts, the dragons always loved to hoard what they’ve found or won.Contrary to popular belief, dragons rarely stole, for their pride was equal to their greed, and theyContinue reading ““Tiniest” Dragon”

“Red suits you, darling”

“Red really suits you, my love.”I said, watching my dear wife posing in front of the mirror.She wore a beautiful ruby red party dress, we just bought for tonight’s event.“Thanks, I know.”She giggled, and span around, making me lost in my own thoughts.“Honey…Honey, we should go…”She said, poking my forehead.“Oh sorry, I was just mesmerizedContinue reading ““Red suits you, darling””

Country of hermits

Our world is supposed to be endless.Being inhabited by myriad races, from goblins, gnomes, dwarves to dragons, angels, demons and gods, all the races one could imagine, one can find here.Thus, a planet that is endless is not impossible to be accepted, after all, wars here for territory aren’t common.Each race has vast territories, it’sContinue reading “Country of hermits”

The average one

The multiverse is infinite.With countless stars, countless worlds and countless beings, there are innumerable powers, power systems and ways to become something…something more.In all of creation, or at least from the creation that’s been discovered, mapped and recorded, there is one individual that stands out…due to her averageness.She was considered talented at first.After all, sheContinue reading “The average one”

Always me

We live in a messed up world.Ever since the dawn of time, Demon Deities, Eldritch beings and Gods waged wars on mortal planes through their Chosen ones.Demon Deities chose their Demon Kings, the Eldritch beings chose their Devourers and the Gods choose their heroes…Every few centuries, the cycle start anew, and the skirmishes begin, beforeContinue reading “Always me”

The legendary huntress

There was a bow that never missed.This bow needed not arrows, and it could talk.This bow, knew its targets name and they knew how afraid of death they were.The moment it targeted someone, death wasn’t a possible outcome but a certainty.And this bow was held by a young elven woman.Legends say she was and isContinue reading “The legendary huntress”

The Guardian Angel Trial

It wasn’t easy for us to protect our sweet, young child until this day.In our world, myths and legends are truths and reality.With demons, ghosts and myriad creatures roaming the world, babies aren’t really safe, no matter how strong we, the parents are.But thankfully, the world is fair.Everyone gains a Guardian Angel at the ageContinue reading “The Guardian Angel Trial”

The funny Godfather

I was sitting, and chilling with the Ice Giants of Jottunheim, while their prince…Loki, was snowboarding through a planet-wide avalanche on a Silver Wolf…“Remind me, why is he doing that?”I asked.“Oh, he just loved the thrill of it…Also, the Silver Wolf needs to train.”An Ice Giant said, as he handed me some roasted Winterland ElkContinue reading “The funny Godfather”

Awkward meeting with the Creator

I don’t know how it happened.I’ve always loved sports, martial arts regardless if I was practicing them or reading, watching materials about them.And at some point, something just…clicked.I felt weightless, but I didn’t pay much attention to it back then.When 10 years passed and I didn’t age, I felt lucky.“Sports and a healthy life-style doContinue reading “Awkward meeting with the Creator”

The Library of Everything

I was a Librarian.Nothing too fancy, my job was to lend out books, take in books and take care of the books and library.It was a medium sized library that I already knew like the back of my hand.After all, I’ve been working here for 6 years now.But oh boy, how wrong I was!I wasContinue reading “The Library of Everything”