The Graveyard of Dragons

I sighed.My aching body didn’t let me rest.“It’s time…”I murmured.Spreading my wings, I stood up, but my feet almost gave away.Looking around, I smiled.The trees stood tall, the ancient deer herd was grazing the jade grass.In the trees, Wisdom Owls, and many more critters looked at me with worry.“Be well…my friends…”I said, and started toContinue reading “The Graveyard of Dragons”

Space and Time Travelling Agency

I pulled up right next to the Pillars of Eternity, waiting.Pretty common pick-up point in this universe, after all, it’s hard to miss.Huge towering energy gatherings that took the shape of pillars.There is no known cause for their appearance, but they are like vertical, contained unimaginable explosions, causing space and time to bend.It’s a dangerousContinue reading “Space and Time Travelling Agency”

Awkward tranzition

99 battles in the coliseum of the Great Empire’s capital.47 battles against other gladiators in one on one battles.Fearsome, bloody battles, each ending in life-and-death struggles…33 battles against beasts from across the Empire’s lands.Drake, dragons, wraiths, qilins, giants, mountain spirits, anything that can be found was transported to the coliseum.Thank the Empress that they wereContinue reading “Awkward tranzition”

Time to move

I awoke at the sound of a horn being blown, and the sound shaking heaven and earth.I yawned.Rising from underneath the pile of books I’ve been buried under, I walked groggily towards the door of the bookstore.Going outside, the city was in shambles.People were running left and right, while the elements ravaged the modern world.IContinue reading “Time to move”

The Champion of Pain and Suffering

Dragging my feet, I slowly managed to crawl inside the hut.This little hut was my house.I was the eldest daughter of the previous landlord…Now, but a maidservant that did everything but maidservant work…Feeding the beasts, sharpening the weapons, standing as a training dummy, as a sparring partner…But, I was about to become 18…it will beContinue reading “The Champion of Pain and Suffering”

Perfect, yet not enough

There aren’t many civilizations out there that can boast of such a wide variety of fields they excel at as the human civilization can do.They have many scholars that are the top of their respective fields.They have many warriors of different ways, that are the top of their path.They have advancements in both magical andContinue reading “Perfect, yet not enough”

Oops! I did it again…

I was bored…again.So, I downloaded some manuals, and learnt blacksmithing.It was quite fascinating.Dealing with ores, metals, materials.Learning the different temperatures needed, the different tempo and angle of hammering, cooling.It was a blast.Then, I finished my first item.A beautiful all-metal hammer.Handle, head, everything.It weight a few thousand tons, not that it would bother me, or anyoneContinue reading “Oops! I did it again…”

The bored unmovable guardian

Chewing on some sword grass I planted, I sighed.Looking around me, all I saw was nothingness.In the middle of nowhere in space, I got a nice little plot of land to use as farmland, and to build myself a hut, as I guard a rift in space.There, the idio…ahem, the organizations of my universe boundedContinue reading “The bored unmovable guardian”

The Envoy that never changes

I was bored, and tired, waiting here in the nothingness…Seriously, why are all these outer gods, or old gods, or whatever this one is, always coming into our universe when I am napping?Well…I am kind of napping all the time, so I shouldn’t be too harsh…As I was yawning, and half falling asleep once more,Continue reading “The Envoy that never changes”

A new job opportunity?

Well, what else I can say at first, but that…it sucks?I mean, I somehow died, and ended up in Hell.Should I cheer or something?Both the fact that I died, and that I arrived in Hell should be devastating.But it’s not like how I imagined it.As I died, a sweet voice said: “Welcome to hell.”And asContinue reading “A new job opportunity?”