Dinner with the devil

I was waiting in a fancy restaurant for my “date”.The tables around me were occupied mostly by couples.I sighed.This atmosphere and the timing…it would be perfect for a romantic dinner.But here I am, waiting to have dinner with the…with the devil.You read that right, “the devil.”You know, “evil incarnate”, “temptation personified”, “red and pointy blackContinue reading “Dinner with the devil”

It’s hard to be a superhero

“Amethyst Sorceress saved the capital city this morning from a group of super-villains …”The news anchor reported enthusiastically.I was eating my cereals, and rolled my eyes.“She arrived at last moment, just to make more of an impact…Typical Lily”I murmured.How did I know her real name?Well, I am a superhero myself, and I know her, butContinue reading “It’s hard to be a superhero”

The impossibly convenient shipwreck

“What the…”I groaned as I tried to stand up.The world was shaky and fuzzy for a while, before brightening.An unbearable headache and overall pain hit me, along with chills.Opening my eyes, I saw myself surrounded by pure-white sand.In front of me was an endless stretch of water while behind me was an endless sea ofContinue reading “The impossibly convenient shipwreck”

Meeting with a protagonist

It was late at night.A thunderous storm trashed and raged outside.Trees were uprooted by the savage wind, while the drops of rain were like a storm of bullets.This nigh-apocalyptic weather didn’t bother me.I was sitting in front of my desk, listening to the symphony of destruction created by the storm.It was giving me inspiration.Writing aContinue reading “Meeting with a protagonist”

Myriad Worlds Mirror

Mirrors are said to be sometimes gateways to a different world.Mirrors are found everywhere on Earth.I also have a mirror in my bathroom.But why is my mirror so out of the ordinary?It’s so annoying to have such a mirror.Okay, okay, at first I was happy.Hearing the stories of supernatural occurrences, I always yearned for somethingContinue reading “Myriad Worlds Mirror”

Interchangeable emotions

Amusement parks are one of the places that are built to create a harmonious and entertaining environment.Built for entertainment purposes, these amusement parks goal is to make people relax, and forget about their daily struggles.Through research and trial, amusements parks have developed countless ways to ensure that the visitors are drawn in, and that theyContinue reading “Interchangeable emotions”

Is it worth the price?

The Endless Empire.It is named as such not only due to its massive surface but also due to its potential.Its royalty was strong.They were ridiculously strong, immortals at birth and Immortal Emperors at adulthood.But they were…peculiar.They raised their citizens with all their might.The talented one’s sprouted from the commoners like mushrooms after rain.With villagers, peasant,Continue reading “Is it worth the price?”

Through the Phone

I was reading a book when my phone rang.It was Sophia, my best-friend and cousin.“Heeeeellllooooo little deer, what are you doing?”She asked.“It’s 9 in the evening, you know very well what I am doing. Also, I told you not to call me like that.”I said.“Preparing to go to sleep…Sooo boooring!”She said.“So, you called me justContinue reading “Through the Phone”