Not the villain of the story

I…I have been born to be the main antagonist…in many stories.It’s quite annoying.The moment I was born, my parents took a rare medicine that was supposed to be my cousin’s…That there is a “Becoming a villain 101” right on the bat.I had the luck that I am a year older than my cousin, and byContinue reading “Not the villain of the story”

The house of untold whispers

I sincerely thought I was lucky.Albeit, never been desperate for a relationship, it felt a bit weird that I was never attracted properly to someone.I say properly, as I did find people attractive, physically or vibe wise, but never enough to actually make an effort to have a relationship, as usually after a couple conversationsContinue reading “The house of untold whispers”

Thank you, heroes

Ah, the flowers are blooming, I need to be careful not to let the wolf puppies near them, they might get eaten.As I thought that, I raised my left hand, and a fence was erected around the eastern part of my garden.Satisfied, I looked towards the south, were a bunch of wolf cubs were playingContinue reading “Thank you, heroes”

You think you could do better?

Our world has gone through a lot, and society collapsed.The many countries have become mostly wastelands, and resources became so scarce than once common necessities, became treasures.I was…lucky? Unlucky?I don’t know what to say.I was and am a farmer, with quite the land out in the middle of nowhere.When shit hit the fan, I wasContinue reading “You think you could do better?”

Long Forgotten Fame

The universe was at peace.The many sects, great families and the academy have successfully quelled all unrest.There were still crimes, and there were still minor conflicts, but no planetary or intergalactic wars were fought.The days of constant fighting, amongst themselves and against those from other universes are more or less over.The borders are tightly guarded,Continue reading “Long Forgotten Fame”

What kind of plot is this?

I sighed, as I rubbed my temples…What was going on?I never truly had many friends, it was like I was unable to get close to others.But 3 annoying brats always followed me, and made my life better.Sophia, Alex and George were always there for me, ever since kindergarten, we’ve been friends, true friends!At this point,Continue reading “What kind of plot is this?”

Eldritch Mother

The world is filled with wonders and hidden paradises, as well as horrors and hidden nightmares.In this world, and its many planets people usually tend to flock towards the light, towards the good, the wonders, the paradise.But, there are still a few who take delight in researching, and dwelling in the shadows, trying to takeContinue reading “Eldritch Mother”

A greater danger

Our world is filled with miracles, but where there is light, there is darkness as well.The dangers of our world are countless, but the Heaven’s haven’t forsaken us, thus we can train in order to protect ourselves from this cruel world.I was a hunter in his world, specialized in draconic beings.Long story short, this meantContinue reading “A greater danger”

Supernatural monopoly

I’ve been always an average business owner.It’s not that I didn’t have ideas, or opportunities, it’s just…others were simply better, either skill wise or connection wise.But everything changed when I moved back to my childhood home.There I found something…unreal.In the attic there was…something, a pulsating blob of grey matter, or that was how it looked.IContinue reading “Supernatural monopoly”

Becoming invincible due to somebody’s boredom

Watching my parents jump around in happiness, and brag about how I cast my first spell at only 3 years old, I sighed.It wasn’t easy to pretend to be a child.Let’s clarify this, 3 years old spell equals an above average prodigy, nothing more.There are kids whom are born with innate talents strong enough toContinue reading “Becoming invincible due to somebody’s boredom”