The Change of Everything

I awoke to booming thunder and lightning’s light that easily illuminated my room, even through the closed blinds and drawn curtains. (what can I say, I like to sleep in complete darkness.)But then, I could hear the wind blowing like there was no tomorrow…sounding just like the screams of women…I couldn’t rest with all thisContinue reading “The Change of Everything”

The Executioner’s Love Story

After a gruesome centuries old war, a dynasty finally blossomed upon the world, and united it.After a quick grasp on the overall situation, came the rewards and punishments.The imperial family’s allies all got their share of the world, while their opponents were to be executed publicly.The executions were of varied ranks, there were plenty commonersContinue reading “The Executioner’s Love Story”

Love and Hate changed my life

So…Our world is one filled with all kind of characters.From gods, ghosts to demons, angels and the sort…I was one of the many, one of the normal, not too much going on with my life, other than my paintings sold well.Yeah, that didn’t sit well with everyone…Some people would’ve killed to gain powers, to startContinue reading “Love and Hate changed my life”

Who is in the wrong?

The demon king’s armies were pushing the Human Empire completely back.The hegemony of this world was soon to be changing, or so it should’ve been.But the humans performed the usual “last measure” ritual, and a hero has been summoned.Ever since their summoning, the hero’s growth was exponential, and after years of fighting the battle hasContinue reading “Who is in the wrong?”

The Temple’s Caretaker

The darkness that was everpresent in a beginning was driven away, transformed in essence by creation that came from a great deity.The realm unfurled from that point, and now it’s an endless stretch of space filled with myriad miracles.Planets, stars, galaxies, energy gatherings, matter agglomerations and many more are present in this realm.And as theContinue reading “The Temple’s Caretaker”

The Fates’ Summer Cleanup

Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos were all dressed now in grey clothes, lest they dirty their ceremonial ones.For it was summer, and no matter how cold it was upon the peak, inside the temple, it was time…for a thorough cleaning.Centuries of dealing with destiny, with fate, carefully guiding the threads of it, and cutting it whenContinue reading “The Fates’ Summer Cleanup”

Tired, I don’t care

I worked…hard for everything.Grades, entrance exams, exams, they were my everything for the first quarter of an entire century…My everything…Then came the bootlicking at different companies, because what else can a young beginner do?No matter how well I did my job, how fast I finished my tasks, how many tasks I finished, how was theContinue reading “Tired, I don’t care”

Genie in the bottle

I was staring at the giant, half spider half woman amethyst cloud like creature, that levitated in my room.It was…a genie.A genie in the bottle I would call it, albeit it would be wrong, since it appeared after I cleaned the bracelet I found in the attic.And now, it was spouting nonsense, and annoying me.“Master,Continue reading “Genie in the bottle”

Mother, Father….What is going on?

Okay, I know that everything is possible, but holy…Today was a bit too extreme.First, my 2 best friends were nowhere to be seen, which was weird, since I’ve never seen them miss a single day of school.I wrote them messages but I didn’t even get a “seen”, quite rude I thought to myself, but mostlyContinue reading “Mother, Father….What is going on?”

Lucky or Not? Hard to say…

I was always just one of the many.Just one amongst the sea of people, living their lives day by day.And then, the breakthrough happened.We finally found a planet with almost the exact same conditions as on Earth, and it was proved that it was like that.The breakthrough came in the form of a spaceship, inContinue reading “Lucky or Not? Hard to say…”