Arrogant humanity

Due to the greed of certain individuals, the path towards Hell was opened, and the devil entered Earth.The angels reacted, and so did those in of humanity in charge of the occult, but the Devil was lost, free to walk on Earth, amongst us.The search was blazing, even the common folk heard and had theirContinue reading “Arrogant humanity”

Needed Chaos

In a swirling mass of stardust, bits of planets, and darkness, there was a hollow space, where a small floating island existed.Upon the island, a cottage was built, and in it a middle-aged man was painting.The painting was that of a galaxy, filled with colors, swirling, vibrant, but at the edges…it was absolute darkness, seeminglyContinue reading “Needed Chaos”

Dragon Shelter

It’s quite interesting, the world we live in.We have beasts, and kings and queens amongst them all are the dragons.These beasts are the strongest and wisest by far, and yet…How can it be that they are both at the peak and at the bottom, being pets for the other races?It’s baffling.Alas, it’s normal.The young ofContinue reading “Dragon Shelter”

Fear shouldn’t lead to ignorance

I was watching the TV, when my show was halted for some breaking news.A superhero (of course it has to be them), just destroyed seven malevolent artifacts used in rituals by wizards, witches and the like.Slowly, the fight with some hooded figures, and the destruction of the artifacts was broadcasted by the goddamn superhero, whoContinue reading “Fear shouldn’t lead to ignorance”

You made a mistake, rookie

I woke up with slight dizziness, and a burning feeling in my wrists.“Huh, so I was kidnapped…”I murmured, yawning.Looking around, I was in a rather spacious cave, with nicely chiseled walls, and filled with gadgets.Behind me, I heard a door opening.“Finally awake, Doctor.You slept like a baby.”A voice said, and soon a man’s figure wasContinue reading “You made a mistake, rookie”

A day per week in Hell, gives immortality to Dale

Hmmm, this morning is so…dark.Looking outside, seeing the clouds, the trees moving erratically, it was quite a grim weather.“Hmm, this day is as good as any else.To Hell with me!”I murmured, as I got up, brushed my teeth, had some breakfast, and then, opened the portal I could only open once a week, and enteredContinue reading “A day per week in Hell, gives immortality to Dale”

Okay, that’s just rude

It was a beautiful evening, with the stars shining brightly, the moon illuminating the pathway to the meadow where I was once again taken.Wearing nothing, but a crown of flowers, I was sitting upon a palanquin once more, slightly happy that it was summer.It was the 30th evening the villagers brought me out here, readyContinue reading “Okay, that’s just rude”

I am just being nice

As I was going home, it started to rain.It was hellish, with strong wind blowing, thunder and lighting, and raindrops the size of half-a-fist.As I drove slowly, I saw a man standing in the rain, at a bus stop.Sure, it was more or less protected, but because the wind blew as it did, the poorContinue reading “I am just being nice”

Attitude of a powerhouse

The human and demon race were at war for eons, before he was born.Magnus was his name, a natural born talent in magic and body cultivation, soaring through the ranks like the dragons across the skies.It didn’t take long for each demon to fear his name, and the generals, commanders, kings and even the LordContinue reading “Attitude of a powerhouse”

Most wanted man on Earth

I don’t know if I am lucky or not, but I live in a world of superpowers, without having superpowers.I am just a regular guy, working 9 to 5, keeping the tabs on transactions, cleaning the data bases, basic stuff.But today, everything went to Hell.Heroes started appearing, grabbing me, and without a word flying away.“Hey!Continue reading “Most wanted man on Earth”