Mocked and underestimated familiar

We live in a truly magical world.Wizards and witches alongside their familiars are working hard to progress the magical field.In our world, at the age of 16 everyone awakens their familiar and summons it to this realm, but even before that at birth, one’s familiar can be seen in one’s stars.And this is the storyContinue reading “Mocked and underestimated familiar”

Annoying but wholesome

I considered myself very lucky, for my girlfriend was amazing.She was smart, beautiful and to top all of it, she was a golden dragon.She was a royalty amongst supernatural creatures.Albeit, my friends and even hers, thought that she was more trouble than it was worth it.I disagreed, as she was almost perfect.There was only one,Continue reading “Annoying but wholesome”

Doodling that changed her life

Maya was simply doodling as she usually does when she’s anxious.She was an excellent artist, her freelancing commissions bringing in more than enough to live almost luxuriously.But despite being relatively successful, she’s still shaken by events that should be considered normal for her.Like the hate comments about her art or about herself.Or how her parentsContinue reading “Doodling that changed her life”

The effects of one’s closeness to nature

I’ve been living alone at the outskirts of the town for a long time.Well, many think that I live outside the town, as I am closer to the forest than to my closest neighbour.But it’s amazing.I have all the quiet I would wish for and the forest is filled with friendly fuzzy animals.I’ve made friendsContinue reading “The effects of one’s closeness to nature”

Close to the goal?

It’s been a century of setbacks, obstacles, failures and tries.Had it not been for my half-elven bloodline, I would’ve been long dead.But finally, all my blood and sweat bore fruit.The last clue to get my hand on the “Grimoire of Ethereal Laws” is right ahead of me.I took in a deep breath, and entered theContinue reading “Close to the goal?”

The truth about our lives

One day our lives got turned upside-down.Our parents disappeared, living my young brother, barely 10 and me, a 19 year old teenager all alone.It all started like a normal day.Father already left for work, mother prepared breakfast for us, just before sending John and me off to school.After school, I went to pick John upContinue reading “The truth about our lives”

Match made in Heaven

There are legends about men and women that not even the Gods could tolerate.Such was the legend of the “Heavenly Pair”.The “Heavenly Pair” is a couple, a man and a woman, who have a story that depicts just how love and hate come together.And how the Gods plans aren’t easy to understand.The man, simply calledContinue reading “Match made in Heaven”

The monsters from under the bed

It was roughly a hundred files and reports filled, when Hades arrived at his last task for the day.Well, “day”, as in this office, time was rather moody, so one couldn’t really count on it.His job was simple: Hades was a manager, and he needed to decide what kind of monsters are to be sentContinue reading “The monsters from under the bed”

The city of everblooming flowers

“Go to the desert they said.It will be fun, not dangerous at all, they said.You like new types of flowers, the oasis has some interesting ones, go check them, they said.”Lily murmured as she walked on the burning golden sea underneath her feet, while being bathed by scorching sunrays.She was walking slowly, being completely coveredContinue reading “The city of everblooming flowers”

The haunted house

There was a rumored haunted house, on Alison’s street.It was an old, Victorian styled house of course, what else could it be?Alison was not only a horror, history and fantasy enthusiast, but also an adrenaline junkie (slef-proclaimed).Now, after 18 years of living on this street, she finally managed to create a chance to enter it.HerContinue reading “The haunted house”