Archenemies on a date

It was eight o’clock in the evening.I was rushing towards my favorite restaurant.I…I was having a date.After all this fighting, and struggling to protect the world, I finally met someone I like.Well, we met online, and we hit it off well.Finally, we decided to have a date, and meet face to face.Soon, I arrived atContinue reading “Archenemies on a date”

It doesn’t change a thing

“I have to tell you something”My girlfriend started, fidgeting a lot.“Seriously, right now?”I asked smiling wryly.After all, I was in a kneeling position, being mid-way through asking THE question.“Y-y-yes, I really have to tell you this…”She stuttered out an answer.I nodded, and stood up.Thank God I choose this hill with a beautiful view, where weContinue reading “It doesn’t change a thing”

Nightmare hunters

Nightmares are figments of our imaginations gone wrong.Well, for most are something wrong, there are people who enjoy nightmares, but then, can they be called nightmares?I digress, let’s go back to the topic.Nightmares are terrifying and exhausting events and experiences for most of those who go through them.Nightmares can be stopped and can be terminatedContinue reading “Nightmare hunters”

Fate changing rusty key

Living on a farm is amazing.Working the farm is the best exercise, while the air, scenery is rewarding.The work as well is extremely rewarding.You can see the fruits of your hard work…literally.I also love taking care of my animals, they are my extended family.But sadly life as a farmer is not easy.Pests, bad weather, randomContinue reading “Fate changing rusty key”

The impossible deed becomes a legend

The sky was dark and the atmosphere was filled with tension.The wind was raging and the skies thundered.Ten thousand brave men and women stood tall in the valley of death, facing the enemy.The enemy, an army a thousand times their size was here to conquer, loot and erase everything that has already be done byContinue reading “The impossible deed becomes a legend”

Meeting with a protagonist

It was late at night.A thunderous storm trashed and raged outside.Trees were uprooted by the savage wind, while the drops of rain were like a storm of bullets.This nigh-apocalyptic weather didn’t bother me.I was sitting in front of my desk, listening to the symphony of destruction created by the storm.It was giving me inspiration.Writing aContinue reading “Meeting with a protagonist”

The fantasylands

Fantasylands are the places where people seclude themselves, in order to get a moment of peace and relaxation.The fantasylands differ in varied ways, but all of them share an important trait.People can visit them in order to forget, even if just for a moment, about the vicissitudes of life.Fantasylands are amazing existences where anything isContinue reading “The fantasylands”

A pile of clothes

Everyone knows about “that chair.”You know… the chair in your room, completely covered in clothes?That pile of clothes towering over the room, and giving it an authentic and natural vibe.Well, how about a pile of clothes in the middle of a mountain cave?The hikers have always known about a cave where they can take shelterContinue reading “A pile of clothes”

A soul’s journey

Since immemorial times, the existence of something spiritual, something that can’t be explained through reason and logic was ascertained.That something that governs our rationality, morality, ethics, and creativity is of a higher grade than our mortal bodies.This something in many of the worlds that exist is called “a soul”.Now, the soul is the core ofContinue reading “A soul’s journey”