Talk with the Queen of the Goddesses

I knew this day would one day come, but I hoped it was just an irrational fear.Looking at my wife’s shamed looked, and bulging stomach, I sighed.Seriously, I was a normal farmer.Okay, I may or may have not been blessed by Lady Demether because for real, my crops were always top-tier, and someone my farmlandsContinue reading “Talk with the Queen of the Goddesses”

Dude, get a life

I was chilling, walking through a battlefield, bullets flying pass me every second.It was quite a beautiful plain before this, but now it was all charred and filled with craters, albeit now it held a different kind of beauty.As I was walking, people were dying left and right, and a figure was seen multiple times,Continue reading “Dude, get a life”

Unavoidable change

Sigh.While this is the exact reason I wanted to open a themed café, this is quite…disheartening.In front of me was my best friend, Aura, and she was drinking coffee with a smile on her face, yet her eyes were…lifeless.“This hits the spot.Listen, little Andrew, I know most people would say that your Aroma Change isContinue reading “Unavoidable change”

Gift for a friend

Far before any living being was born, Death was already here, albeit back then they might have had a different name.Death watched over its domain, and just waited, for one day reality was born, and nothingness was replaced with everything one could imagine.Celestial bodies were first to be born, and they were also the firstContinue reading “Gift for a friend”

Help us save the world!

I was preparing for a wonderful bubble bath, to relax myself to the max, when my doorbell rang.Putting my bathrobe on, I walked to the door, and opened it.“Hello, and no.”I said, trying to close the door, but a foot blocked it.Opening the door again, I sighed.A group of teens were looking at me withContinue reading “Help us save the world!”

Oh, is this Life’s way to tell me there is always something good in everything bad?

Well, what can I say, I am…alive, I guess?I exist and that’s my thing, to be honest.I just…am.That’s how my days pass.Don’t worry, it’s not like I am sad, I am used to this.To not be able to tell apart yesterday from today or from tomorrow.To be amongst so many people, but nobody really acknowledgesContinue reading “Oh, is this Life’s way to tell me there is always something good in everything bad?”

You hate me, but need me

This is getting extremely annoying.It’s one thing that whenever somebody manages to catch a glimpse of me, there are entire cities sent to hunt me.And it’s one thing that if I ever dare to step personally into a city, I will be hunted by everyone in that city and probably several neighbouring ones as well.ButContinue reading “You hate me, but need me”

I am sorry…It seems I am leaving you too

I slowly walked up on the stairs I walked for the last 87 years of my life.I was nervous.Going home was always joyful, I visited mom daily.And now…I sighed.But before I could open the door, it was opened from the inside.Warmth, and the smell of cinnamon and food washed over me.“Daniel!”A sweet voice exclaimed, asContinue reading “I am sorry…It seems I am leaving you too”