Unfortunate Target

As I was chilling, simply reading some old magical tomes, I could hear some of my friends roaring and screaming in fear and pain.I sighed, and closed the tomes.“Here comes another group…”I murmured, walking out of my wooden hut.Sure enough, walking out the door, I could see a dozen or so men and women, fightingContinue reading “Unfortunate Target”

Peculiar Saint

In Heaven one can live a life of relaxation or one could offer up his talents for the Heaven’s.Heave’s a realm just like any other.Albeit of a higher grade, it’s basic functions still need to be kept in check.So food growing, harvesting is still needed.Building skills are still needed.Scholars are still needed.Warriors are still needed.AndContinue reading “Peculiar Saint”

The Kind hearted witch

“I will make your lives as good as possible.You two will be the perfect couple, and you will live a long and healthy life.But it all comes at cost, but you know that, right?”Isabella said.“You are a witch, we know your price.The first-born child, is that right?”The young woman spoke first.The man also nodded, grippingContinue reading “The Kind hearted witch”

Apocalypse at my door

I was reading, when someone knocked on my door.I sluggishly walked over there, in my pajamas and flip-flops.Opening the door, a skinny, but tall young woman grinned at me.She had blinding white teeth, yellowish skin, and spring green eyes.Her hair was down to her ankles, and it was of an amethyst purple color.“Good, good.Take thisContinue reading “Apocalypse at my door”

Burdensome inheritance

I wept for so long, I couldn’t remember if I was crying or it was raining.Standing at the grave of my grandfather, I couldn’t believe it happened.My grandfather was more fit than I, a 20 year old man was…He was cheerful, and…annoying, always playing pranks on me.And oh, he was so loving…He loved games, andContinue reading “Burdensome inheritance”

The four teenagers of the apocalypse

My wife and I…My wife and I couldn’t have kids, but would’ve loved to have them more than anything.Thus we decided to adopt.Both of us wanted girls, so we adopted girls, 4 at number, one each year.All of them are roughly the same age, and all of them are extremely special.All of them were 1Continue reading “The four teenagers of the apocalypse”

Another interesting therapy session

Moren Teklum was sipping his mint tea, when he got a phone call.The number was all glitchy, but he shrugged it off.“Hello, Moren Teklum’s psychiatrist office.How can I help you?”He said his usual little poem.“Hello, I would like to make an appointment for a Mr. Samael.Would tomorrow 10 am work for you?”A sultry woman’s voiceContinue reading “Another interesting therapy session”

The case of missing spare change

Finally it was the weekend.Working all day long on different projects is tiring.But I shouldn’t complain, as it’s quite rewarding.My income is stable, and well above the average.So what if I have to work a bit overtime every single day?Well, I am told I think this way only because I have no girlfriend/wife to comeContinue reading “The case of missing spare change”

A hero’s request of compensation

It was a long journey home, but Nicholas was finally able to see the islands he dreamt so often on the battlefield.The fleet was slow but steady, and soon they’ve reached the shore.Nicholas looked around, and a lot of citizens of his country gathered together to welcome them.But…his wife wasn’t in the crowd.A stone settledContinue reading “A hero’s request of compensation”