The fantasylands

Fantasylands are the places where people seclude themselves, in order to get a moment of peace and relaxation.The fantasylands differ in varied ways, but all of them share an important trait.People can visit them in order to forget, even if just for a moment, about the vicissitudes of life.Fantasylands are amazing existences where anything isContinue reading “The fantasylands”

A pile of clothes

Everyone knows about “that chair.”You know… the chair in your room, completely covered in clothes?That pile of clothes towering over the room, and giving it an authentic and natural vibe.Well, how about a pile of clothes in the middle of a mountain cave?The hikers have always known about a cave where they can take shelterContinue reading “A pile of clothes”

A soul’s journey

Since immemorial times, the existence of something spiritual, something that can’t be explained through reason and logic was ascertained.That something that governs our rationality, morality, ethics, and creativity is of a higher grade than our mortal bodies.This something in many of the worlds that exist is called “a soul”.Now, the soul is the core ofContinue reading “A soul’s journey”

Just a simple game

Games are activities that were created to pass time, relax or vent one’s frustrations.As living beings were evolving, their need for recreation became apparent and thus games were born.But how about entities high above mortal understanding, what about them, do they have games to liven up their eternal lives?The answer to the previous question isContinue reading “Just a simple game”

The kind hearted worm

The worm was humongous, with barely his head penetrating the soil, it already towered over the children.The kids started to scream, but they soon heard a soothing voice.“I didn’t mean to scare you, please, stop crying.”It was the worm.The children screamed even harder, and started running away, some even fainted.Later on, the adults came running,Continue reading “The kind hearted worm”

“Always our Queen”

The Elven Empire is stretched across the entire continent, elves being the rulers of it.Since its size is almost immeasurable, for a proper administration and governing of the land, the elves decided to assign regions to certain tribes to rule over.Each tribe is ruled by a Queen, while the Empire is ruled by the Empress,Continue reading ““Always our Queen””

A simple pair of shoes

I’ve had a rough ride in my early days.Being in a kingdom shred to pieces by on-going wars, it was rather challenging for a teenager to survive.My parents were medics, being constantly on duty, so I was more or less left alone.The money they’ve left was gone rather quickly, because nobody thought the war won’tContinue reading “A simple pair of shoes”


I really love and hate stereotypes.Stereotypes are one of the few things that can raise both my curiosity, and anger at the same time.It’s a wonder how some oversimplified ideas, generalised views about certain activities, regions or even people can spread not just locally, but globally as well.It’s fascinating to see how easy it isContinue reading “Stereotypes”