To Wander

I write these lines, as a message to my descendants, whom I most likely won’t ever meet, while wandering.Raging seas, where the waves crashed upon each other, with the force of a million explosives.Forests of untainted stretches of land, where there are creatures that, humans could never imagine.Deserts of flowing sand, where one needs toContinue reading “To Wander”

The Estate’s meaning

“So this is it?”I thought, as I stopped in front of the humongous gates.Behind them, a wonderful forest spread out, and somewhere deep in this sea of trees, was the mansion that has been left behind, by my so called “father”.I rang the bell, and waited.Soon, an elderly security guard came, and opened the gates.“YouContinue reading “The Estate’s meaning”

“Always our Queen”

The Elven Empire is stretched across the entire continent, elves being the rulers of it.Since its size is almost immeasurable, for a proper administration and governing of the land, the elves decided to assign regions to certain tribes to rule over.Each tribe is ruled by a Queen, while the Empire is ruled by the Empress,Continue reading ““Always our Queen””

A simple pair of shoes

I’ve had a rough ride in my early days.Being in a kingdom shred to pieces by on-going wars, it was rather challenging for a teenager to survive.My parents were medics, being constantly on duty, so I was more or less left alone.The money they’ve left was gone rather quickly, because nobody thought the war won’tContinue reading “A simple pair of shoes”


I really love and hate stereotypes.Stereotypes are one of the few things that can raise both my curiosity, and anger at the same time.It’s a wonder how some oversimplified ideas, generalised views about certain activities, regions or even people can spread not just locally, but globally as well.It’s fascinating to see how easy it isContinue reading “Stereotypes”

Time Heals Everything?

“Time heals everything…How inaccurate.”I thought to myself, as I was watching the ducks eat the bread crumbles I’ve fed them.My therapist uses these words constantly, but I doubt he knows that he’s so wrong.I looked up at the sky, and it was cloudy…just like my thoughts.I sighed, stood up, and slowly walked away from theContinue reading “Time Heals Everything?”