Monster amongst monsters

There are realms out there which are almost entirely inhabited by creatures of unfathomable potential.They are called monsters, beasts or abominations by the rest of the races of the multi-verse, and rightly so.Their physique is second to none, equal to the Gods.Their innate affinity to certain mystical abilities, make them versatile warriors.Their lifespan is hundredsContinue reading “Monster amongst monsters”

Invisible Barriers

There is an invisible barrier that is raised up by every single individual and it varies in purpose.Some barriers are there to protect one from harm, but even these are rather…varied in nature.Some protect one from harm being dealt by a closed one, others from harm being dealt by strangers and some extremely strong barriersContinue reading “Invisible Barriers”

It all started with a bite

Let me tell you a story, about how the world ended and how now I am living in a wasteland that once was a paradise for all the elven, and forest folk.It all started with a bite…Oh, don’t worry, it’s not a story about a plague, or an undead infection, it’s something much more…unbelievable.Before IContinue reading “It all started with a bite”

Just a simple game

Games are activities that were created to pass time, relax or vent one’s frustrations.As living beings were evolving, their need for recreation became apparent and thus games were born.But how about entities high above mortal understanding, what about them, do they have games to liven up their eternal lives?The answer to the previous question isContinue reading “Just a simple game”

The battlefield of peace

The endless realms are filled with battlefields.There are battles between clans, sects, races, internal struggles, civil wars, rebellions, invasions so many reasons for a battlefield to be born.The myriad of reasons gave birth to myriad battlefields, but none of the battlefields is as deadly, and as silent, as the battlefield of peace.The battlefield was namedContinue reading “The battlefield of peace”

The kind hearted worm

The worm was humongous, with barely his head penetrating the soil, it already towered over the children.The kids started to scream, but they soon heard a soothing voice.“I didn’t mean to scare you, please, stop crying.”It was the worm.The children screamed even harder, and started running away, some even fainted.Later on, the adults came running,Continue reading “The kind hearted worm”

Unbearable Cold

It was summer, but as my father talked to me, I shivered.His voice was never this cold, no matter what I did.“You did what!?”He asked, his voice stabbing deep, shaking me to the core.“I’ve placed the 2nd at the entrance exam, 99%. Someone had aced it.”I said, tumbling with my fingers, fidgeting, and watching myContinue reading “Unbearable Cold”