In the belly of the beast

Above the shaking ground and between the shivering trees, a man and woman could be seen running, while accompanied by a pack of wolves.Right between the man and woman, the alpha wolf was running, while occasionally glancing back, checking upon its pack.The man was tall, with long spring green hair, pale brown skin and pointyContinue reading “In the belly of the beast”

A pile of clothes

Everyone knows about “that chair.”You know… the chair in your room, completely covered in clothes?That pile of clothes towering over the room, and giving it an authentic and natural vibe.Well, how about a pile of clothes in the middle of a mountain cave?The hikers have always known about a cave where they can take shelterContinue reading “A pile of clothes”

Working simply just for merit

Fate, karma and the order of everything are all closely tied together, and one can’t work towards one without touching another.Beings that try to achieve the peak of their existence will come to an understanding: cause-and-effect truly exists, and if one’s history is not satisfactory, their endeavour may fail.Due to this revelation being written downContinue reading “Working simply just for merit”

A soul’s journey

Since immemorial times, the existence of something spiritual, something that can’t be explained through reason and logic was ascertained.That something that governs our rationality, morality, ethics, and creativity is of a higher grade than our mortal bodies.This something in many of the worlds that exist is called “a soul”.Now, the soul is the core ofContinue reading “A soul’s journey”

The Gem of Blood

There is no entity richer on this planet than the Sellun family.They’ve started low, as a family of farmers and rose to the peak through smart dealings, and fortunate encounters.With the help of the hard work and luck of generations, the family became the richest merchant and noble family that have ever existed.The family membersContinue reading “The Gem of Blood”

The seed of hope

The demons overran our reality.From a single worshiper to a cult the demons influence slowly grew, until one day, they were strong enough to open a rift.Through the rift the demonic essence slowly seeped in, corrupting the unintelligent creatures as well strengthening the demon worshippers.But thankfully, only low-ranked demons were able to travel through theContinue reading “The seed of hope”

With a single sword

In a small, but exquisite courtyard, a young child could be seen swinging a wooden sword.With a proper posture the child swung the sword with his right hand.Then he changed and swung it with his left hand.The swing was equally accurate, stable and strong regardless with which hand he swung the sword.Despite it not beingContinue reading “With a single sword”

To be calm, while in panic

In my world, rules are made by those strong.In a world where the strong survives while the weak is being used, what better role is there than to be a warrior?I have been blessed, so that my talents are top-notch in weapon handling, hand to hand combat, scouting, mapping, hunting and even leading troops.But IContinue reading “To be calm, while in panic”