Damn, the butcher will butcher me

Long story short, I died, and I reincarnated into a world of magic.I was no God’s Chosen, nor some Hero, but I was a seemingly talented blacksmith.So I honed my craft, and became the blacksmith for a new town built in a recently recovered region from the beasts. (Yes, the usual beasts vs humans conundrum)ItContinue reading “Damn, the butcher will butcher me”

Unbreachable valley

Between the barren wasteland inhabited by the most cruel, and most stubborn tribes of the universe and the lands of the Empire, stood a tall divine mountain.The mountain was said to be the spine of a divinity from the Empire, that fell against the hordes of myriad races trying to invade, essentially making the barrierContinue reading “Unbreachable valley”

You chose…poorly

Life on Earth was the same as usual.Life took a few steps ahead, a few steps back, every few years, because it was hard for humans to actually agree on something.In order to help humanity reach its potential faster, an alien race gifted the most benevolent ones amongst all the humans with superpowers.Then, they busiedContinue reading “You chose…poorly”

Why are you dying?

Amidst the sea of stars that filled the galaxies, a figure was jogging leisurely.Each step of this figure took them from one star to another.They had a smile on their face, as they continued jogging.“Phew, exercise is always good after waking up.”They said, after stopping atop a yellow star.Looking towards the third planet of thisContinue reading “Why are you dying?”

Why would we do that?

As I was relaxing in my spaceship, right above the Blue Planet, it was about time for my favourite human show to start.It was about us, well, they called it “Ancient Aliens”, which I found funny, since our evolutionary paths are rather similar, thus we should be considered futuristic to them.But alas, humans often toutContinue reading “Why would we do that?”

Oh, is this Life’s way to tell me there is always something good in everything bad?

Well, what can I say, I am…alive, I guess?I exist and that’s my thing, to be honest.I just…am.That’s how my days pass.Don’t worry, it’s not like I am sad, I am used to this.To not be able to tell apart yesterday from today or from tomorrow.To be amongst so many people, but nobody really acknowledgesContinue reading “Oh, is this Life’s way to tell me there is always something good in everything bad?”

You hate me, but need me

This is getting extremely annoying.It’s one thing that whenever somebody manages to catch a glimpse of me, there are entire cities sent to hunt me.And it’s one thing that if I ever dare to step personally into a city, I will be hunted by everyone in that city and probably several neighbouring ones as well.ButContinue reading “You hate me, but need me”

Hello, it’s me…again

I was walking the long, dark, yet familiar corridors once more.The line was long, but it was as if time has stopped for me.Well, it kind of did, but that’s another matter.I waited my turn patiently, and finally it arrived.I walked up to the door of the office, and the sound of typing could beContinue reading “Hello, it’s me…again”

Debts must be paid

I stood on the balcony, watching our great estate being engulfed in ash and smoke.A great legion of Hell materialised on our lands, isolating it completely from the outside world.Why?Because for centuries, my family dealt with dark magic, in order to ensure our wealth, power and influence.But, since they were a bit too talented, andContinue reading “Debts must be paid”