Magic users coven

Another Halloween, another coven meeting.It’s one of the best days of the year.Not just because the meeting is held, but because for some odd reason, people “love” supernatural beings, and topics.I know there are plenty of humans that do it all year round, but now, it’s publicly accepted to show your love towards the hidden.Alas,Continue reading “Magic users coven”

The Hell you mean he went to Hell?

In our society, supernatural, immortal and mortal events, individuals and worlds were intertwined, coexisting.Most used their powers normally, to ease their lives, but many chose either to use it for the greater good or for evil.I personally thought I was in the first group, making my life easier.But seemingly, casually taking stuff, entering museums, libraries,Continue reading “The Hell you mean he went to Hell?”

A.I. gone right

A mad scientist finally did it.He created the perfect A.I., as if it come off the pages of a science-fiction novel.At first it was amazing.The development of everything sped up.Being careful, nobody let the A.I. into really important things, and the information fed to it was humongous yet irrelevant.But after years of successful breakthroughs inContinue reading “A.I. gone right”

The rules are changing

Something is afoot.I have been patrolling the borders of the Silver City for aeons, and beyond that, the borders of the Heavens for an even longer time, and now things are getting stranger.Ever since the dawn of time and even prior to that, it was normal for some life forms to naturally be born inContinue reading “The rules are changing”

Not to be disrespectful…but are you sure?

I was reading a book, when I was surrounded by a curtain of amethyst and silvery light.When I finally could open my eyes, an elderly woman appeared in front of me, sitting at a table, with cups of tea brewed, still hot.I instinctively knew I had to sit down, so I did.The tea was delicious,Continue reading “Not to be disrespectful…but are you sure?”

Holy Order of Saint Francis

There are many orders out there, belonging or at least affiliated with the Church, spreading “faith”, “helping” people, and many more “righteous” endeavours.Obviously, most of them were actually doing that, so I apologise in advance for those quote marks.But…But there are plenty who are behaving weirdly, involved in shady dealings…And I…I am set on aContinue reading “Holy Order of Saint Francis”

The Hell am I needed for then?

I was looking at the two individuals in front of me.A couple blessed by both the Heavens and Hells.A couple who had friends amongst the highest beings of the multiverse, and enemies just as many as the stars in the skies.A couple who frightened an entire era into seclusion, for it was not worth fightingContinue reading “The Hell am I needed for then?”

Mermaid’s groom

I am so foolish…Sorry grandpa…I didn’t listen to you…This is what I thought, as the beautiful maiden, with a deep azure fish tail dragged me under the waves…I was mesmerised by her voice.Mesmerised by her looks.Her eyes were so pure, so naïve…Her lips…were so enchanting…Even her skin and scales…I don’t know what got over me,Continue reading “Mermaid’s groom”

Instant punishment

The world became a game.Or at least, it behaved, and functioned like a game.Monsters appeared, and killing them gained experience points.Levelling up, one would acquire skills, status points or even items.It was chaotic.It turned for the worse when in an obvious manner, we found out that killing each other also gave exp.But I had noContinue reading “Instant punishment”