This was not how it was supposed to go

Strange things started to happen, but we kind of shrugged them off.People started to awaken powers, the Earth itself changed, you know the usual “Doomsday preparation 101 for dummies.” things.And then, after a year or two, portals appeared.Guess what?Monsters and demons poured out, like ants from their hill.But after an initial shock, that sadly resultedContinue reading “This was not how it was supposed to go”

A new job opportunity?

Well, what else I can say at first, but that…it sucks?I mean, I somehow died, and ended up in Hell.Should I cheer or something?Both the fact that I died, and that I arrived in Hell should be devastating.But it’s not like how I imagined it.As I died, a sweet voice said: “Welcome to hell.”And asContinue reading “A new job opportunity?”

Cosmic Bean

“Cosmic Bean” the name of the most expensive coffee shop in the multi-verse.The coffee beans here are burnt cores of stars and planets, or sometimes special living beings.The tea is made out of the leaves of eternal trees that support reality and illusions as well.The milk is the one made by the very first cow.TheContinue reading “Cosmic Bean”

Not a coincidence anymore

Look at me.One of the eldest reaper’s in Death’s service, waiting for a high-schooler to arrive home.Not for any of the usual reasons, it’s not an inspection of a future soul nor am I here to reap his soul.But it’s much, much more infuriating.Imagine, this pup being born less than 2 decades ago, and suddenly,Continue reading “Not a coincidence anymore”

The powers and burdens of a name

The fae are a race filled with myriad tribes, each as unique as one can get.The humans were always somewhat skeptical, somewhat afraid, somewhat curious about the world of the fae.But the fae only had one feeling towards the humans: pity.Pity for their short lives, pity for their desire to complicate things, pity for theyContinue reading “The powers and burdens of a name”

Interesting discovery

I’ve always been a rather average guy.Nothing much going on with me, other than being good at studying and at drawing.Architecture was a sure-way for me to do what I like and also get properly paid, but it’s not like I haven’t had side hustles, drawing things I truly love, like fantasy settings, and creatures.ButContinue reading “Interesting discovery”

Silly Secret Identities

I have a bunch of lovely friends.It’s true that they laugh at me, and are smug due to a certain information, but they still are lovable.After all…We take care of each other, in our own way.So there is no point being angry about their remarks or subtle stabbings with thorny words.But I feel that it’sContinue reading “Silly Secret Identities”

A seemingly common quest

Entering the tree’s hollow, it seemed I entered a whole new world.It was an endless hallway, with walls filled with paintings and carvings, whilst the path was surrounded by endless flower gardens.Walking for a good stretch of time, I was finally let into the throne hall.There, upon a throne of thorns, thistles and aged woodContinue reading “A seemingly common quest”

The One for Medusa

It’s been many years, since the creation of the universe, and many individuals, entities and deeds, became nothing more than legends.But even now, in the modern world, they still exist, cohabitating with the current stage’s actors.This was true for Medusa as well, a Gorgon, an entity whose gaze could petrify the soul of those whoContinue reading “The One for Medusa”

Not that different

I’ve had enough with the busy life.My kids finished college, they were on the verge of starting their own families, it wasn’t worth it for me to leave in that chaotic, loud city anymore…So, my wife and I moved to a remote farmland, we inherited from my grandparents.It was nice, we had neighbors, but theyContinue reading “Not that different”