Sooner or later, kindness will be repaid

I really think I am living for my pets.Seriously.I work 11 hours a day, shop (mostly for them), and then go back home to clean, walk, and bath, and feed them.Don’t get me wrong.They are my life.My dog, Garmr, my little gold fish Leviathan, and Atlas my turtle.I goddamn love them.But it is hell lotContinue reading “Sooner or later, kindness will be repaid”

Just forget about it, and wing it

The great Conqueror, as the lord of all demons is called, was resting in his throne room, after an arduous day of cultivation, training, and culling some foreign enemies of the realm.Just as it was considering retiring for the day, a minister came in extremely panicked.“Your Highness! Your Highness!One of the generals have fallen!”The ministerContinue reading “Just forget about it, and wing it”

Life and Death, chained together

In a rather nicely lit cave, with crystal clear liquid dropping from the ceiling, and the moonlight lighting its centre.There, tied to a rather unsightly amalgamation of ores were two individuals.One was a tall man with blonde hair, golden eyes, and an extremely pale complexion, wearing clothes made out of herbs, and bark.The other wasContinue reading “Life and Death, chained together”

Watching TV with extra steps

Earth has changed.Just like in novels, many new species appeared as a new form of energy entered our solar system, and washed over our planet.We changed.We got stronger, healthier, rowdier.Soon, not only have our basic physical and mental abilities evolved, but we also started developing special powers.But so did the plants, and beasts, and sinceContinue reading “Watching TV with extra steps”

Unavoidable change

Sigh.While this is the exact reason I wanted to open a themed café, this is quite…disheartening.In front of me was my best friend, Aura, and she was drinking coffee with a smile on her face, yet her eyes were…lifeless.“This hits the spot.Listen, little Andrew, I know most people would say that your Aroma Change isContinue reading “Unavoidable change”

Gift for a friend

Far before any living being was born, Death was already here, albeit back then they might have had a different name.Death watched over its domain, and just waited, for one day reality was born, and nothingness was replaced with everything one could imagine.Celestial bodies were first to be born, and they were also the firstContinue reading “Gift for a friend”

Help us save the world!

I was preparing for a wonderful bubble bath, to relax myself to the max, when my doorbell rang.Putting my bathrobe on, I walked to the door, and opened it.“Hello, and no.”I said, trying to close the door, but a foot blocked it.Opening the door again, I sighed.A group of teens were looking at me withContinue reading “Help us save the world!”


We were walking home after a nice date night.The weather was amazing, the sky was clear and a gentle breeze, with the smell of smog (yeeey, big city), was spread.We didn’t care.We had a blast, the pasta was amazing, the wine even better.As we were walking home, someone stopped us in an alley.I sighed.My wifeContinue reading “Attempted…murder?”

Benevolence from an unexpected source

I was born before Time, Space, Death or Fate, or Reality.I was here when the Void, wasn’t the Void, it just was, no name, no description, just existing.When reality appeared, it imitated me a bit, creating something called “Dream”, and “Eternity”, after a bit of study, I realised that those were the two main elementsContinue reading “Benevolence from an unexpected source”

Damn, the butcher will butcher me

Long story short, I died, and I reincarnated into a world of magic.I was no God’s Chosen, nor some Hero, but I was a seemingly talented blacksmith.So I honed my craft, and became the blacksmith for a new town built in a recently recovered region from the beasts. (Yes, the usual beasts vs humans conundrum)ItContinue reading “Damn, the butcher will butcher me”