The Champion of Pain and Suffering

Dragging my feet, I slowly managed to crawl inside the hut.This little hut was my house.I was the eldest daughter of the previous landlord…Now, but a maidservant that did everything but maidservant work…Feeding the beasts, sharpening the weapons, standing as a training dummy, as a sparring partner…But, I was about to become 18…it will beContinue reading “The Champion of Pain and Suffering”

Perfect, yet not enough

There aren’t many civilizations out there that can boast of such a wide variety of fields they excel at as the human civilization can do.They have many scholars that are the top of their respective fields.They have many warriors of different ways, that are the top of their path.They have advancements in both magical andContinue reading “Perfect, yet not enough”

It’s not easy to be a good friend

I was sipping an amazing ginger tea, feeling how it cleansed my body, as astral swords fought swarms of death mosquitoes over my head.I sighed.“You heroes are such pricks, hypocrites! You also do whatever you want, just in a different way!”Alex, my best friend shouted.“Shut the hell up, villain scum! We aren’t going around, killingContinue reading “It’s not easy to be a good friend”

Hell’s Bakery

Something tragic happened.My grandmother died…It was so sudden…Yes, she was old, nearing 80, but she was healthy as one can get…We just had a bake-off last Sunday…She said I won, but I knew better.Not many in this world could match her ability to mix ingredients, and make delicious cakes, and sweets.Now that she left…I don’tContinue reading “Hell’s Bakery”

Oops! I did it again…

I was bored…again.So, I downloaded some manuals, and learnt blacksmithing.It was quite fascinating.Dealing with ores, metals, materials.Learning the different temperatures needed, the different tempo and angle of hammering, cooling.It was a blast.Then, I finished my first item.A beautiful all-metal hammer.Handle, head, everything.It weight a few thousand tons, not that it would bother me, or anyoneContinue reading “Oops! I did it again…”

Gaming….Gaming saved the world

As expected by many of us, the VR technology conquered the gaming industry.But it didn’t stop there, and entered the medicine industry as well, especially the neurology field.We arrived at a point where the devices were able to tune in to our natural neurological connections, and electrical charges, thus being able to make us actuallyContinue reading “Gaming….Gaming saved the world”

The bored unmovable guardian

Chewing on some sword grass I planted, I sighed.Looking around me, all I saw was nothingness.In the middle of nowhere in space, I got a nice little plot of land to use as farmland, and to build myself a hut, as I guard a rift in space.There, the idio…ahem, the organizations of my universe boundedContinue reading “The bored unmovable guardian”

Nobody would believe it

Our society reached its peak, when it happened.Scientist still argue over the reasons, be it natural mutations, mutations due to the devices used on the planet, mutations to the radiations brought back from stellar expeditions, but one thing is true.Superpowers became widespread.With that came many issues.How can one properly raise a toddler which can moveContinue reading “Nobody would believe it”

The Envoy that never changes

I was bored, and tired, waiting here in the nothingness…Seriously, why are all these outer gods, or old gods, or whatever this one is, always coming into our universe when I am napping?Well…I am kind of napping all the time, so I shouldn’t be too harsh…As I was yawning, and half falling asleep once more,Continue reading “The Envoy that never changes”

A curse like blessing or a blessing like a curse?

One day in the middle-school, I was relaxing at my desk, when a group of girls started giggling next to me.They were talking about some boy band coming to town, and wishing to be there.“Oh, how I wish I could go…But my parents are working, and nobody can take me…”One of them whined.I murmured “sure”,Continue reading “A curse like blessing or a blessing like a curse?”