Attitude of a powerhouse

The human and demon race were at war for eons, before he was born.Magnus was his name, a natural born talent in magic and body cultivation, soaring through the ranks like the dragons across the skies.It didn’t take long for each demon to fear his name, and the generals, commanders, kings and even the LordContinue reading “Attitude of a powerhouse”

Most wanted man on Earth

I don’t know if I am lucky or not, but I live in a world of superpowers, without having superpowers.I am just a regular guy, working 9 to 5, keeping the tabs on transactions, cleaning the data bases, basic stuff.But today, everything went to Hell.Heroes started appearing, grabbing me, and without a word flying away.“Hey!Continue reading “Most wanted man on Earth”

Birds of a feather

My partner and I met in a small bookshop, coincidentally reaching for the same book: a book on the occult.We laughed, and I gave up upon the book, just to have my sleeve grabbed by her.She told me that after she reads it, she will give the book to me.I accepted, with the condition thatContinue reading “Birds of a feather”

The toymaker’s children go home

The world was developing peacefully, robotics, science in general being the most focused field of investment for humanity.Androids were quickly replacing the heavy labor workers, and even some of the low difficulty jobs.This did not mean there weren’t jobs, as the demand was continuously increasing, thus workforce was always needed, especially in arts, entertainment, researches,Continue reading “The toymaker’s children go home”

Good luck being me, mate

I was minding my business, that is cleaning the shelves, putting the books back onto them, and making sure that all the orders have been sent.Working in a library should be a bliss, especially if you love books, but hell it is if you don’t have a second to open a book for your ownContinue reading “Good luck being me, mate”

No cheating allowed

It was goddamn gruesome to be a teacher in these days.Like I live in a time where gods, devils, demons, superpowered individuals are the norm.I am one as well, but that does not matter.In this world, where making the impossible, possible is common sight…being a true teacher is hard.The way of a true teacher, aContinue reading “No cheating allowed”

Elder Sister’s Wrath

My elder sister was my world.She was amazing, kind, intelligent, and her drawing skills…She always drew such colourful worlds for me…On my 16 birthday, my parents and her told me a secret.My elder sister is an eldritch entity.How is it possible that she became one, they don’t know.They are certain my mom gave birth toContinue reading “Elder Sister’s Wrath”

Hades’ Favourite

My dear Rex was ill.The vet said he couldn’t do a thing.This dog…Rex…was family for me.I was a bit knowledgeable on the occult, but never tried it.But for Rex…For Rex, I would do it, and succeed.And I went ahead, and summoned a demon, successfully.I haven’t even had the time to gasp at the appearance ofContinue reading “Hades’ Favourite”

Poseidon’s Heir

An urgent meeting was held at Olympus, with all twelve main Gods and many lesser gods as well.“What is this about?”Dionysus asked, looking quite concerned, which was rare for him.The atmosphere at the seat of power of the Greek Gods was suffocating.“Relax brother, if you weren’t this impatient, we might have had more fun lastContinue reading “Poseidon’s Heir”