The four teenagers of the apocalypse

My wife and I…My wife and I couldn’t have kids, but would’ve loved to have them more than anything.Thus we decided to adopt.Both of us wanted girls, so we adopted girls, 4 at number, one each year.All of them are roughly the same age, and all of them are extremely special.All of them were 1Continue reading “The four teenagers of the apocalypse”

Another interesting therapy session

Moren Teklum was sipping his mint tea, when he got a phone call.The number was all glitchy, but he shrugged it off.“Hello, Moren Teklum’s psychiatrist office.How can I help you?”He said his usual little poem.“Hello, I would like to make an appointment for a Mr. Samael.Would tomorrow 10 am work for you?”A sultry woman’s voiceContinue reading “Another interesting therapy session”

Unfortunate Fortunate Meeting

Alex was cycling back home, when out of nowhere, an old lady appeared and he ran her over.The poor old lady fell to the ground, while Alex flew a few meters, before hitting a street light pole.The people all around gathered, and gossiped.Alex was taken to the hospital, as he broke his arm, while theContinue reading “Unfortunate Fortunate Meeting”

The bugs whisper

You know about bugs?Those little critters that are like infinite more populous than us?And they are like, really, really annoying people, especially in spring and summer?Well, I’ve haven’t seen them since childhood.No, oh God, no, they haven’t disappeared, that would spell the end of the world for us, no.They are just kept at bay byContinue reading “The bugs whisper”

The case of missing spare change

Finally it was the weekend.Working all day long on different projects is tiring.But I shouldn’t complain, as it’s quite rewarding.My income is stable, and well above the average.So what if I have to work a bit overtime every single day?Well, I am told I think this way only because I have no girlfriend/wife to comeContinue reading “The case of missing spare change”

Perfectly fitting ability

I am a liquor store owner.It’s not only because I like liquor, but it is also because this has been my father’s dream.And no need to worry, I don’t get drunk.Wait, let me rectify that, I can’t get drunk.I have had some peculiarities about me since I’ve been born.I learnt to walk, talk, read andContinue reading “Perfectly fitting ability”

The average one

The multiverse is infinite.With countless stars, countless worlds and countless beings, there are innumerable powers, power systems and ways to become something…something more.In all of creation, or at least from the creation that’s been discovered, mapped and recorded, there is one individual that stands out…due to her averageness.She was considered talented at first.After all, sheContinue reading “The average one”

A hero’s request of compensation

It was a long journey home, but Nicholas was finally able to see the islands he dreamt so often on the battlefield.The fleet was slow but steady, and soon they’ve reached the shore.Nicholas looked around, and a lot of citizens of his country gathered together to welcome them.But…his wife wasn’t in the crowd.A stone settledContinue reading “A hero’s request of compensation”