Dangers of eavesdropping

Young man Dan wasn’t out of ordinary nor did he have anything to hide.But he had quite the peculiar hobby.He loved to “eavesdrop” on radio channels, and sometimes he even uses some of his equipment to listen to his neighbour’s pillow talk.He records what he hears but never uses them.He finds joy in “taking part”Continue reading “Dangers of eavesdropping”

A wild battle

First, it was a blinding light then a dreadful, all-encompassing silence.That was the aftermath of the clash between the spear and sword.Two entities whose names travelled across space-and-time, shaking to the core every being of power who heard about them.Two entities representing the pinnacle of the journey towards true strength, were now duelling for theContinue reading “A wild battle”

The throne of forgotten dreams

The Empress towered over her courtiers, even while sitting on her throne.She wore a royal golden robe, engraved with a rainbow coloured dragon.Her crown was thin, made of silver and that was the only accessory she wore.Her hair was long and rich of the brightest red, with pale skin and royal blue eyes.Even without makeupContinue reading “The throne of forgotten dreams”

Invasion through simple means

Our realm wasn’t weak or strong.It has seen golden ages and barren ones as well.We were part of a warrior civilisation, so we were never afraid of challenges.And yet…we were defeated so easily…Wars were normal for each era of ours, thus we were proficient in them.Expecting our enemies from other realms to attack us weContinue reading “Invasion through simple means”

The line between us

Life is never easy, but I can’t complain.I had a loving family, a good chance to learn martial arts and scholarly disciplines and most importantly, I had a good childhood friend.She was the daughter of my father’s best friend, thus we were like family.She loved martial arts while I practiced the spear she practiced theContinue reading “The line between us”

Money or absolute strength?

When I was young, I was but a simple villager.A full meal, and a proper roof over my head were my greatest desires, thus I always envied the baker, the blacksmith and the village chief.They were “rich” in my eyes.Thus, I worked hard and finally got an apprenticeship under our blacksmith, finally thinking that “IContinue reading “Money or absolute strength?”

A fox’s conundrum

Amidst a sea of trees, a majestic mountain range spreads drawing a line in this sea, while its peaks piercing the skies.In the northern forests, close to the mountains, there is a village.The village was hidden underneath a layer of mist, magic and mystery.This protective layer will be unravelled as a young inhabitant of theContinue reading “A fox’s conundrum”

In the belly of the beast

Above the shaking ground and between the shivering trees, a man and woman could be seen running, while accompanied by a pack of wolves.Right between the man and woman, the alpha wolf was running, while occasionally glancing back, checking upon its pack.The man was tall, with long spring green hair, pale brown skin and pointyContinue reading “In the belly of the beast”