Is it worth the price?

The Endless Empire.It is named as such not only due to its massive surface but also due to its potential.Its royalty was strong.They were ridiculously strong, immortals at birth and Immortal Emperors at adulthood.But they were…peculiar.They raised their citizens with all their might.The talented one’s sprouted from the commoners like mushrooms after rain.With villagers, peasant,Continue reading “Is it worth the price?”

Through the Phone

I was reading a book when my phone rang.It was Sophia, my best-friend and cousin.“Heeeeellllooooo little deer, what are you doing?”She asked.“It’s 9 in the evening, you know very well what I am doing. Also, I told you not to call me like that.”I said.“Preparing to go to sleep…Sooo boooring!”She said.“So, you called me justContinue reading “Through the Phone”

Dangerous fun

“You want to do something fun?”Alex asked me, with a dangerous smirk on his face, slightly panting from running up to my apartment.I should’ve known better.He was always a trouble maker.Always finding ways to find excitement, even in the most mundane and boring circumstances.But what can I do?He’s my best friend.And he has saved myContinue reading “Dangerous fun”

As a blade

Cultivation sects are considered the cradle of geniuses.The sects gather the talented ones, and offer them a proper environment to develop.They offer a myriad of cultivation techniques, resources, missions and training grounds that fasten one’s strength’s development.The relationships between the sect members are usually depicted as being rather warm.There are master-disciple, elder-disciples relationships, with theContinue reading “As a blade”

Unforeseen Scenario

“Don’t…Don’t do it!”A man shouted, with a trembling voice.In front of him stood a young man with a grin on his face.“You should’ve just given me the money, old man.”The young man said.The man shook, and closed his eyes, awaiting the end.But it never came.Opening his eyes, the young man was nowhere to be seen.HisContinue reading “Unforeseen Scenario”

Study endings through stories

Endings are often seen as negative events or as something terrifying.But endings are simply just part of a journey.What begins has to end one day, doesn’t it?But why are we so certain that the end we all face is an eternal one?Also, why is there a need to associate endings with death or the ceasingContinue reading “Study endings through stories”

The Iris Peak

The Myriad Fragrance Planet has plenty of sights.Being heralded as the foremost tourist attraction in the entire universe, it contains countless treasured locations.The planet has amethyst oceans filled with crystal fish races.Forests of trees that resemble a sea of fire when the wind blows also are here.Plains filled with silvery grass that almost reflect theContinue reading “The Iris Peak”

The Choice of being Alone

Being alone can be a choice, as we can control it.There aren’t many things that can dampen ones mood, but not being able to choose when one should be alone, does it.Being in a crowded place, the choice is to be not alone, yet sometimes, this right is taken away.Surrounded by myriad individuals, yet beingContinue reading “The Choice of being Alone”

Legends of the Heavens

The Heavens or “good place” that one can enter in the afterlife exist in almost all civilisations.This existence is usually benevolent, and seen as the reward for a meritorious and kind life.Legends spread across the many worlds in our reality talk about the Heavens, and they usually depict it as something helpful, and eternal.From paradisesContinue reading “Legends of the Heavens”