This is actually quite common

So cute.Taking care of the new Grim Reapers always puts a smile on my face.Watching them bright eyed, eying everything, from the routes between dimensions, to the soul paths, the many afterlives, oh, it’s a joy.Albeit, when the void ones scare them, they look so sad, but also…kind of cute.I am never going to getContinue reading “This is actually quite common”

Immortality is not a joke!

In a lush forest stood tall an impressive mountain range.But this was no mountain range at all, but rather a palace.A palace in the shape of mountains, its insides hollows, as halls and rooms were carved into them.And in this palace that had towers that pierced the skies many shadows were gathering now at.Some shadowsContinue reading “Immortality is not a joke!”

Ahem…revenge for…me?

I was relaxing in my mansion, when I heard the butler knock.How I knew it was him?After his heartbeat.“Enter.”I said.“My Lord, the Branches sent word back.The Hounds are close to finding your trace.”He said.I sighed.Those goddamn hunters, always on my case, seriously, what did I ever do to deserve this?Sure, I am an ancient vampire,Continue reading “Ahem…revenge for…me?”

Unexpected friendship

In the shadow drowned pathways that lead towards the Underworld, a river of light floods in.The light takes the shape of pythons as it slithers towards the main cave, where Hades himself, the ruler of the Underworld has his throne.The light gathers in front of the throne, while Hades just smirks.“Apollo! Dear friend!How come youContinue reading “Unexpected friendship”

War against Hell

It took just a decade.A decade from the moment the feather inscribed with so many runes, and so much information, that humanity as a whole finally came together.A decade since the portal to Hell was opened.And a decade was all it took, for humanity to go from an infant civilization, to a realm warring one.AContinue reading “War against Hell”

Time’s…son is telling me to stop?

I was enjoying my extra time, once again.After all, if I can stop time for everyone but me, why shouldn’t I do it?I have the power to stop time, indeed.Well, stop it for everyone but me.But it only stops the people and objects in the moment, I can still touch them, and then they willContinue reading “Time’s…son is telling me to stop?”

They aren’t actually…evil

I used to be a human.A simple, average John Doe.An accountant.Nothing special, nothing too normal, too weird, just simply…me…a human.But I overworked.Burnt myself nicely out.And ended up faceplanting in the middle of a busy road, spelling my own doom.Yes, I died.But…I didn’t go to heaven, to hell or nothingness…but reincarnated.And as many so absurd, andContinue reading “They aren’t actually…evil”

The four horsemen of Apocalypse got fired

The world at long last was at peace.And this time, not only seemingly, but truly, for the legions of Hell, and armies of Heaven finally found a common ground, and truce was signed.No parts believe truly in the truce, yet the desire for peace is stronger than worry, thus peace permeated the realms.As this wasContinue reading “The four horsemen of Apocalypse got fired”

Love advice from…from uncle Hades?

In the realms surrounding the main universe, there was a paradise created by Aphrodite.It was a small realm, a rather lush forest, filled with beauty and nigh-perfection.In said realm, she and Ares were relaxing, under the shade of a towering oak, as they watched the swans swim.“Ares?”Aphrodite looked up, as she was laying on Ares’Continue reading “Love advice from…from uncle Hades?”

Graveyard of the Star drifters

On a planet at the edge of the known cosmos, there was a peculiar place.It was a valley, filled with fog all-year round.But the fog wasn’t natural.It was a combination of multiple gases, fuels evaporating and combining together with the local humid air.It was highly toxic, and hallucinogenic.Yet, this didn’t stop the adventurers from tryingContinue reading “Graveyard of the Star drifters”