Walking the worlds alone

It’s been so long I can’t remember anymore…Who am I kidding?Of course I still remember.The days when people still behaved normally with me.The days when I could laugh and cry with mortals, and gossip about the gods.Then later on, it reversed, I spent time with the gods and gossiped about the mortals.But those days areContinue reading “Walking the worlds alone”

Pandora’s Box, the Last Hope

After years of arduous research, I’ve finally found it.I’ve found the place where Pandora’s Box is kept.It was in a mausoleum deep under a mountain situated in the middle of nowhere, covered in forests, storms and heavy winds.If nature itself wasn’t enough, gargoyles stood guard at the entrance.4 mesmerising statues, bronze, silver, obsidian and rubyContinue reading “Pandora’s Box, the Last Hope”

The aliens are too polite

Earth has finally got its official visit from the extraterrestrial races, and they’ve invited humanity to join the intergalactic society.The contact has been direct, and really peaceful.The extreterrestrials have supplied Earth with knowledge and technologies, and started exchange programs between different planets.They helped with the construction of relays, so to facilitate an easier space travel.Overall,Continue reading “The aliens are too polite”

How am I still sane?

I don’t know what those smartasses from my neighbouring house did, but they managed to send me somewhere…When I woke up, I was in a dark place, with flashing rainbow colours, and an annoying static noise.“I shouldn’t have let mages move in next door, but they were so down on their luck…”I murmured, as IContinue reading “How am I still sane?”

The Last Human Alive

I was struggling.Food ran out, water I barely had…I was curled up in the corner of the supermarket, thinking about maybe eating my own…body parts…Then a sudden heaviness, drowsiness washed over me.When I woke up, a slender figure stood in front of me.It was a tall, redheaded woman, in a black dress, and high-heels.She hadContinue reading “The Last Human Alive”

How is this all…possible?

Well, I can’t believe it, but seemingly, this one is the true afterlife.Or at least, for me this one is the true event that is happening after I died.I…reincarnated.Into a world of cultivation, magic, monsters and everything I could imagine…And I could say I was really lucky.I was born into a really important family, withContinue reading “How is this all…possible?”

Love Saved the World

The world was filled with superheroes and villains, each having abilities far surpassing that of normal humans.Thankfully, most of the strongest powered individuals were heroes, thus peace was being maintained.But still, there were two villains, whom couldn’t be apprehended, and in order to even put stop to their plans, dozens of superhero teams needed toContinue reading “Love Saved the World”

The worst fears come true

In the lands of Eternity, countless empires and kingdoms fill the land, taking care and raising the myriad lives that grow on these lands.Today, a conference amongst 2 Empires, and the ten strongest kingdoms under each would be held.The 2 Empires are holding the meeting, because worrying news have been heard for years for now,Continue reading “The worst fears come true”

The Change of Everything

I awoke to booming thunder and lightning’s light that easily illuminated my room, even through the closed blinds and drawn curtains. (what can I say, I like to sleep in complete darkness.)But then, I could hear the wind blowing like there was no tomorrow…sounding just like the screams of women…I couldn’t rest with all thisContinue reading “The Change of Everything”