A new start or just a continuation?

Sitting on the chair that already passed his grandson in age he watched the sun shining outside.It was a beautiful day in the countryside, yet it made him sigh.“I will miss this…”He murmured, trying to get up but failing to do so.He could feel it.The end was coming, but he wasn’t extremely sad.He was afraid,Continue reading “A new start or just a continuation?”

Just a normal human

The space shattered above us, while the ground cracked and trembled.The skies were bleeding and we were all pressured to our knees.Cities turned to dust, while oceans evaporated into nothingness.It was the end of times.Humanity faced an impossible calamity: a higher leveled life-form civilization entered through wormholes our space.This civilization was able to control theContinue reading “Just a normal human”

Close to the goal?

It’s been a century of setbacks, obstacles, failures and tries.Had it not been for my half-elven bloodline, I would’ve been long dead.But finally, all my blood and sweat bore fruit.The last clue to get my hand on the “Grimoire of Ethereal Laws” is right ahead of me.I took in a deep breath, and entered theContinue reading “Close to the goal?”

The truth about our lives

One day our lives got turned upside-down.Our parents disappeared, living my young brother, barely 10 and me, a 19 year old teenager all alone.It all started like a normal day.Father already left for work, mother prepared breakfast for us, just before sending John and me off to school.After school, I went to pick John upContinue reading “The truth about our lives”

A slapped immortal

The druid looked at us with astonishment.“How did it happen?”He asked, while healing my hand.“I slapped him.”I said, pointing to the towering figure behind me.“You slapped the Deity of the Tree of Life?”The druid asked, with a smile on his face.“Yep.He wants to do something stupid.Somebody needed to wake him up.”I said, sighing.Ygg tried toContinue reading “A slapped immortal”

Match made in Heaven

There are legends about men and women that not even the Gods could tolerate.Such was the legend of the “Heavenly Pair”.The “Heavenly Pair” is a couple, a man and a woman, who have a story that depicts just how love and hate come together.And how the Gods plans aren’t easy to understand.The man, simply calledContinue reading “Match made in Heaven”

A game of cats and mice

It started on a day like any other.The sun was shining, the birds were singing and my father and I were playing board games in the living room.Then the windows broke, and smoke filled the room.I don’t know what happened, but my father sighed, and stood up.Smiling, he took me and closed me into theContinue reading “A game of cats and mice”

The taxi cab of needs

It was a rainy night, filled with booming thunder and raging winds.I quickly ran out of the office, and hailed a cab.I was oddly lucky enough, to have a cab coming right then, thus I didn’t have to bear the wrath of the elements for too long.“To the Harmony Avenue, number 9345 please.”I said toContinue reading “The taxi cab of needs”

The monsters from under the bed

It was roughly a hundred files and reports filled, when Hades arrived at his last task for the day.Well, “day”, as in this office, time was rather moody, so one couldn’t really count on it.His job was simple: Hades was a manager, and he needed to decide what kind of monsters are to be sentContinue reading “The monsters from under the bed”

The city of everblooming flowers

“Go to the desert they said.It will be fun, not dangerous at all, they said.You like new types of flowers, the oasis has some interesting ones, go check them, they said.”Lily murmured as she walked on the burning golden sea underneath her feet, while being bathed by scorching sunrays.She was walking slowly, being completely coveredContinue reading “The city of everblooming flowers”