Oh no, how will this go?

I loathed being powerless.I loathed being used as a tool, so I trained.But even training until I sweat blood, it wasn’t enough.I wasn’t strong enough to be considered a hero, not even strong enough to be considered top-tier.But I had something, few possessed.Endless resilience, and stamina.Which sounded good, but I got the attention of anContinue reading “Oh no, how will this go?”

How dare you?

Look, I know I am no saint, as I am a super-villain.I was labelled as such for two reasons: one, I have superpowers, and two I do whatever I want, which, truthfully sometimes, is something illegal.So, obviously, in this case I also had superheroes running around, trying to catch me, defeat me, the whole act.AndContinue reading “How dare you?”

I…I am a Goddess?

I was cooking dinner, when I felt something break inside me, and memories flooded me.I fainted, and my family was all over the place trying to guess what was wrong with me.Despite not being conscious, I was aware of everything around me, and knew they went to the imperial palace, to the sorcerer’s tower andContinue reading “I…I am a Goddess?”

How can we make this work?

In the world of might and magic, many things are possible.The energy of the universe, be it called mana, spiritual energy, ki, source or many more, blesses both living and unliving matter and grants them extraordinary traits.Be it consciousness when it shouldn’t be possible, or powers over different aspects of the workings of the universeContinue reading “How can we make this work?”

What a surprise…

I was, am an eldritch being.My very existence is hard to comprehend, since I am way beyond the rules, laws, matter and space and time of this universe.But I grew bored of drifting in the void.I grew bored of having my consciousness enter realities on its own, violating the very laws that governed them, withoutContinue reading “What a surprise…”

Parenting is harder than killing the Demon Lord

Once upon a time, in a land infested with strife and misery, the races banded together to kill a tyrant, a Demon Lord who wished not to rule, but to conquer and destroy, be it flesh and blood beings, or materialistic belongings, he wanted them all, encased in his crystal magic.Many rose against him, evenContinue reading “Parenting is harder than killing the Demon Lord”

Blame Game

The life in the world of Bloesta was never easy.Beasts, humans, elves, dwarves and demons lived on this planet, grew, cultivated themselves to higher levels, and prospered.But in order to do so, they needed resources, so wars for them were abundant.And many of them thus suffered.Famine, diseases, death spread like a wildfire on a plainContinue reading “Blame Game”

Botched summoning

In the void both outside and inside reality, there were many unspeakable horrors, lurking, living or simply just…existing.These beings are amalgamations of strong emotions, of strong desires, dreams and at the same time they are representations of the void, of the chaos, of the existence before time and space appeared.They are the antithesis of bothContinue reading “Botched summoning”

It only matters how you use it

I was blessed with the Blessing of Wood.Amongst the many blessing a living being could get on our planet, it was considered a decent one, focused on healing, nurturing and communication with nature.That is, a totally useless ability in fights, or so I first thought.After all…watching my entire village die, as I ran away, constantlyContinue reading “It only matters how you use it”