A good teacher

The Empire’s expansion has been endless and unstoppable in the last few centuries.Regardless of power system, the Empire absorbed cultivators and entities just like a sponge, and strengthened its cultivation system with the spread of myriad branches.Academies and martial halls sprouted as weeds after a rainy night, and the spread of low and mid-level techniquesContinue reading “A good teacher”

The newly chosen envoy

The very first rays of sunlight have barely begun to shine upon our lands, when I was already out, checking the crops, and letting out the animals.This is the life of a farmer with a lot of land.Haha!Sounds like I am bragging, but maybe I am.Waking in the dark, going to sleep when it’s dark.That’sContinue reading “The newly chosen envoy”

It will turn a blind eye for a good cause

As it is for all that is on Earth, my time has arrived as well.It was frightening, but at the same time…liberating.I can’t pronounce on what kind of life I’ve lived, but I personally would like to think, it was due to my rather decent nature, that I’ve succeeded into getting into Heaven.And it wasContinue reading “It will turn a blind eye for a good cause”

Tragedy turned into a blessing

I lost control yesterday.First time in 598 years, I’ve turned someone.It’s a terrible, terrible thing,We vampires are a noble race, and we need not to feed on the blood of others.But…It’s true.Blood is addictive to us.And thus, after almost 6 centuries of not tasting the blood of another, not turning anyone into one of us…AndContinue reading “Tragedy turned into a blessing”

A competition to become a god

Every now and then, the Creator choose several mortals from across his realm, and gives them a 100 years with his powers in an illusion.In those 100 years, they are to create a realm of their own.Of course, the time passes differently, 100 years in the real realm, might be an eternity in the illusionContinue reading “A competition to become a god”

They…They really Exist?!

“Seriously, what do the higher-ups really think?”I said, slamming a pile of documents on my desk.Then, I went and brought 13 more piles inside, each half as tall as I am.“There have been strange occurrences go and check what’s or who’s behind them”They said.“It might be nothing, or the breakthrough of the century, only suchContinue reading “They…They really Exist?!”

Why bother saving the princess?

“Such a bother…”I murmured, as an eunuch led me into the palace.The grandiose useless decorations really made my eyes hurt, but the maids did look rather good.Entering the throne room, I saw the Emperor and Empress looking down on seven people and me.The other seven were also, people like me more or less.For things I’veContinue reading “Why bother saving the princess?”

My little hero

I don’t know what happened.Suddenly, everything went haywire.Satellites fell down, like a raging storm of fire.Electronics exploded, same with machinery.Greenery growth exploded, and mutations in wild life and flora spread like fire on a dry plain.We humans changed as well, but many of us died.I survived, alongside with my pet cat.I awakened  the ability calledContinue reading “My little hero”

I am just an Experiment

I was numb.Sweating just from trying to lift my heavy eye-lids, I was hit by a blinding light.The light was painful for a second, but soon I got used to it.I could see that I was in a glass container.Nothing surprising, after all, I was a lab-rat.Not an actual rat, I was maybe still amContinue reading “I am just an Experiment”

Befriending a Nightmare

After a long day at work, I’ve finally arrived home.After a quick meal, and a shower, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.It didn’t take me long to travel to the lands of dreams, as I’ve been exhausted.But, the lands of dreams didn’t welcome me warmly, as I found myself in a dark openContinue reading “Befriending a Nightmare”