Flawed Perfection

Cultivators strive for longevity.Immortality seems so attractive than one would do anything for it.Striving for such a great goal people are bound to fight for it, thus there is a need for ambition to be the fuel and drive of one’s life.To be better, stronger and get closer to one’s goal, they often choose toContinue reading “Flawed Perfection”

Short stories, podcast, and future posts

Yo there, The content regarding my 1st book is exhausted, well, at least the one coming from me, had I had some readers asking question I would still have plenty of stuff to explain, but oh well, it doesn’t matter. I will start posting random short stories, as I have quite a few of them.TheContinue reading “Short stories, podcast, and future posts”

Additional notes on the character of the story

Yo there, I must come with a bit of clarification on why my characters look, behave, the way they do.So, I don’t know if you’ve read at least the preview on amazon of my book, but long-story short it’s similar to Chinese cultivation novels. Despite this next bit will be only read by me, becauseContinue reading “Additional notes on the character of the story”

Character description: Geness

Yo there, Today, I will describe Geness, the next character Sophia meets.Let’s begin with a bit of a backstory.He’s/She’s the genderless/genderfluid child of Loki birthed from the union of Loki with a Celestial official.Nobody knows if the official is a woman or a man, nor do they know if Loki was a man or aContinue reading “Character description: Geness”

Character Description: Hurandis

Yo there, I will now describe Hurandis, another close, almost family member of Sophia’s.Now, let’s begin with a bit of a backstory.He’s a 9 pair-winged Colossal Dragon, one of the last of his kind.He was born under Sophia’s care, and treats her like his mother.He’s lazy, gluttonous, and never shies away from a fight.He’s ambitionContinue reading “Character Description: Hurandis”

Character Description: Aether

Yo there, I will now describe Aether, one of Sophia’s disciples.Let’s begin with a bit of a backstory.She’s a half-elf, half-celestial (this bit is unknown in the story, and it’s just usually assumed that she’s half-elf, half-human or half-beast), and it chosen as the next Heavenly Empress.She’s been living alone in the elven forest forContinue reading “Character Description: Aether”

Don’t forget: My book is going to be free

Yo there, Just a quick reminder, that from tomorrow (August 1st) 12 AM PDT until the 5th 11:59 PM PDT, my book: Wandering Bookworm’s Log: First Step, A planet, will be free, on amazon. Here’s the link:https://www.amazon.com/Realm-Wandering-Bookworms-Log-Planet-ebook/dp/B093X38MKB/ That’s it.Have an as eventful or eventless day, as you wished for.

Character Description: Viridevem

Yo there, I will now describe, Viridevem.Let’s begin with a bit of a backstory.She’s the heiress of the Green Luans Tribe, and is also one of the top-tier Heaven’s Chosen.She’s highly sought after, and due to her great diplomatic skills, countless Luan tribes, and in general bird tribes have allied themselves with her tribe.She’s dignified,Continue reading “Character Description: Viridevem”