You came to the wrong house…

As Brethoen slowly faded into the darkness, it chuckled.The clock struck midnight, and above it, a shivering young man was clutching his head.“Another good 14 years of job, another forever scarred young’un.Ah, being a monster under the bed is such a gratifying job.”Brethoen murmured, as it completely disappeared.It moved across the cracks of reality, acrossContinue reading “You came to the wrong house…”

Power of Will

Life is wonderful, and life is filled with endless possibilities.For the optimist, this means that are an infinite ways in which things could go right.For the pessimist, this means that are an infinite ways in which things could go wrong.For the realist, this simply means that each day, for each action, for each cause aContinue reading “Power of Will”

Subdual for the “Greater Good”

Five decades ago, from the shadows the Night Dwellers emerged, hell-bent into taking the world into their hands.Vampires, witches, warlocks, druids, and all manners of intelligent creatures appeared, and attacked the most important structures of humanity.They weren’t as many as us, but nor did they have supernatural powers only.They also had advanced technology, far beyondContinue reading “Subdual for the “Greater Good””

A family toyed by fate’s shenanigans

“I am home.”I said, closing the front door.It was good being home after a long day at work, trying to help the youths of today find their way.“Hello sweetie.”My wife came out, welcoming me with a kiss.“Dinner is ready.”She continued.I smiled, and went to wash my hands.Entering the dining room, my wife and daughter wereContinue reading “A family toyed by fate’s shenanigans”

Two worlds combine

We were always afraid of darkness, or so we thought.But it wasn’t exactly the darkness that stirred our primordial fear of unknown, but rather what could possibly be hidden in it.For years, people theorized about what could be in the shadows, just right out of our vision.Over the centuries, the world of shadows started toContinue reading “Two worlds combine”

Sweet release, from this life

Alexis’ life is simple.She gets the target, and then proceeds to deal with the target, in the best possible manner.Be it through ambush, tactics, dirty means, seduction or even head-on battle, she always accomplishes her tasks.Was, a young lass, barely in her early 20s forced to such a lifestyle?Not at all.She was born into it,Continue reading “Sweet release, from this life”

Serving the most dangerous entity

The world we live in, is simply too dangerous, too chaotic.People gained powers a few centuries ago, and now everyone is either a villain, a superhero or trainees in said categories.We arrived to intergalactic levels due to these powers, but alas, we weren’t unique.I am considered a minor villain, as I am the Head ButlerContinue reading “Serving the most dangerous entity”

Burdensome inheritance

I wept for so long, I couldn’t remember if I was crying or it was raining.Standing at the grave of my grandfather, I couldn’t believe it happened.My grandfather was more fit than I, a 20 year old man was…He was cheerful, and…annoying, always playing pranks on me.And oh, he was so loving…He loved games, andContinue reading “Burdensome inheritance”

The snappy painting

I was house-sitting for my grandparents who went on a vacation.This house was a 2 stories one, with a bedroom being transformed in grandpa’s study.That study of his was my favourite place in the entire world.Why was it my favourite place?Well, because it was filled with books, and antiquities.Just like how I do every singleContinue reading “The snappy painting”

Flawed Perfection

Cultivators strive for longevity.Immortality seems so attractive than one would do anything for it.Striving for such a great goal people are bound to fight for it, thus there is a need for ambition to be the fuel and drive of one’s life.To be better, stronger and get closer to one’s goal, they often choose toContinue reading “Flawed Perfection”