Omni’s Corner

A happy couple

The world was at peace.The gods, whom assisted in the creation of both the world and the current balance, have taken upon themselves to regulate the proper cycles of natural events.Not that it was a surprise to the many living beings, since the gods had multiple aspects to their divinities.And thus, the world was simple.TheContinue reading “A happy couple”

Two worlds combine

We were always afraid of darkness, or so we thought.But it wasn’t exactly the darkness that stirred our primordial fear of unknown, but rather what could possibly be hidden in it.For years, people theorized about what could be in the shadows, just right out of our vision.Over the centuries, the world of shadows started toContinue reading “Two worlds combine”

Gods against the odds

The universe is vast, cold, full of opportunities and yet at the same time, perfectly just, impartial…heartless.Thus, it’s not hard to see why humanity had it rough.Calamities, natural and man-made, plenty of them had hit them, let’s not even mention the many conflicts.Many lean thus towards faith, faith for a better world, faith for aContinue reading “Gods against the odds”

Labour Force Agency

The world was shaken one day, as more and more irregularities occurred.It was like the stories from novels started to become reality, and we awakened super-powers, while the wild life changed as well.Soon and sure enough, even other life forms made contact with us.Fast forward a few decades, and the supernatural is the norm.Everything wasContinue reading “Labour Force Agency”

True Evil is not random

The vast void is filled with specks of matter, that are called universes.Each universe is filled with endless potential, and may or may not harbor life.Older an universe is, the higher chances to have life and even higher-ranked life forms.It’s rare for an universe to die due to natural causes, albeit each universe faces aContinue reading “True Evil is not random”

A good teacher

The Empire’s expansion has been endless and unstoppable in the last few centuries.Regardless of power system, the Empire absorbed cultivators and entities just like a sponge, and strengthened its cultivation system with the spread of myriad branches.Academies and martial halls sprouted as weeds after a rainy night, and the spread of low and mid-level techniquesContinue reading “A good teacher”


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