Dragon once more: Draconic tribes/lineages

Hello there earthlings, This will be the last infographic I do about the lower realm inhabiting dragons, and draconic bloodlines.Well, as I already said, most dragons aren’t that picky about their partners, so there are a lot of offshoot tribes out there, with draconic bloodlines, being called Draconic Tribes or Tribes with draconic lineages.These tribesContinue reading “Dragon once more: Draconic tribes/lineages”

Dragons once more: Rare Attributed Dragons

Hello there earthlings, I’ve come back to explain a bit more on the dragons one can encounter in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.The True dragons in middle, and upper realms, are of the same roots as these dragons, just the name contains a “True” and of course, their strength is on a whole different level.Continue reading “Dragons once more: Rare Attributed Dragons”

Dragons once more: Elemental Dragons

Hello there earthlings, The author notified me, that even though there wasn’t any feedback to the previous post on dragons, he’s sure that you would love more, so here I am, to tell more about them.Now, there are plenty of dragons going around, I will start with the ones you should read about in theContinue reading “Dragons once more: Elemental Dragons”

Information on sidestories

Yo there, I am writing diligently the side stories, and weirdly enough, I am already quite satisfied with my 10th draft of them.But there is a need for me to clarify it, way before I actually publish it, wherever I choose to publish it.They aren’t books (duuuh moment), they slightly shine upon what happened withContinue reading “Information on sidestories”