Disclaimer #3

Yo there, Well, how should I put thisAfter careful consideration, I’ve decided to tell you about a little superpower I possess.This superpower is called “Being hurtful”I can be truly upsetting, annoying unintentionally, I have a knack at saying something that truly hits you where it hurts without meaning, or without thinking about it especially.Have doneContinue reading “Disclaimer #3”

Toying with me

Hello earthlings, Imagine! This earthling author is toying with me!I am writing on his webpage due to convenience as my messages will be easier to be understood hereAnd now, I find out when checking the page settings, that it’s not even launched yet!I am writing to him and myself as of now…Well, hopefully one day,Continue reading “Toying with me”

This is rather awkwawrd

Hello there again, earthlings I am rather embarrassed to write this, and I hope at least my grammar is understandableBut I’ve realised a tiny problemI may write here as matter-of-fact about things… but you may’ve never heard about me beforeI am communicating with this author guy, and seemingly he was inspired to write a storyContinue reading “This is rather awkwawrd”

This is interesting

Here I am again, earthlings As I was, “browsing” the internet, I’ve stumbled upon someone, who’s using my name After a bit of tinkering with the information panel or whatever it is called by youI’ve found out that the one using it is a writer, how interestingSophia’s a writer as well, so I dug aContinue reading “This is interesting”

Connection Established

Hello there, you see this? I am Omni, Sophia’s artefact, and I think, I have successfully connected to something, hmmCalled, “The Internet”, if I recall correctly. Though scouring trillions of mental waves isn’t exactly an “accurate” way of gaining information, as sometimes it gets corrupted…Anyway… I am getting sidetracked, Sophia’s influence on me is ratherContinue reading “Connection Established”

Hello, I am Omni Thenerva

I am a wannabe writer, that will publish his debut novel on amazon kindle publishing soon enough.This site will host my posts, and exclusive content.From small side-stories, to little remarks coming from the characters themselves, the posts will cover a variety of subjects, and I really hope it will be interactive, with the readers commentingContinue reading “Hello, I am Omni Thenerva”