Legends of the Heavens

The Heavens or “good place” that one can enter in the afterlife exist in almost all civilisations.This existence is usually benevolent, and seen as the reward for a meritorious and kind life.Legends spread across the many worlds in our reality talk about the Heavens, and they usually depict it as something helpful, and eternal.From paradisesContinue reading “Legends of the Heavens”

The fantasylands

Fantasylands are the places where people seclude themselves, in order to get a moment of peace and relaxation.The fantasylands differ in varied ways, but all of them share an important trait.People can visit them in order to forget, even if just for a moment, about the vicissitudes of life.Fantasylands are amazing existences where anything isContinue reading “The fantasylands”

The Burden of Guilt

Being successful is a rather common goal and dream.Many people allude to wanting to achieve greatness in their lives.What about the people who made it?What about those who are at the top of the world?Are they satisfied with what they have?Alex is one of those at the top of the world.Inheriting a great business dynastyContinue reading “The Burden of Guilt”

The Survivor

Everybody knows about the ever-present dangers of the universe.First we have the natural calamities that represent Mother Nature’s wrath, such as plagues, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, supernovas, planetary collisions and many more.Then we have the civilisation made calamities.These calamities are made by the civilisations that evolved and advanced during a period of time in theContinue reading “The Survivor”

Discovery of Spiritual Energy

Our universe has been born eons ago.In the beginning there was nothing, and then through energy collision matter was born.Since then, civilisation rose and fell, countless discoveries being etched into the very fabric of time.From technologies that allowed the complete usage of one’s planet’s resources to technologies that led a civilisation to become a multi-galacticContinue reading “Discovery of Spiritual Energy”

Dangers of eavesdropping

Young man Dan wasn’t out of ordinary nor did he have anything to hide.But he had quite the peculiar hobby.He loved to “eavesdrop” on radio channels, and sometimes he even uses some of his equipment to listen to his neighbour’s pillow talk.He records what he hears but never uses them.He finds joy in “taking part”Continue reading “Dangers of eavesdropping”

A wild battle

First, it was a blinding light then a dreadful, all-encompassing silence.That was the aftermath of the clash between the spear and sword.Two entities whose names travelled across space-and-time, shaking to the core every being of power who heard about them.Two entities representing the pinnacle of the journey towards true strength, were now duelling for theContinue reading “A wild battle”

The throne of forgotten dreams

The Empress towered over her courtiers, even while sitting on her throne.She wore a royal golden robe, engraved with a rainbow coloured dragon.Her crown was thin, made of silver and that was the only accessory she wore.Her hair was long and rich of the brightest red, with pale skin and royal blue eyes.Even without makeupContinue reading “The throne of forgotten dreams”

Invasion through simple means

Our realm wasn’t weak or strong.It has seen golden ages and barren ones as well.We were part of a warrior civilisation, so we were never afraid of challenges.And yet…we were defeated so easily…Wars were normal for each era of ours, thus we were proficient in them.Expecting our enemies from other realms to attack us weContinue reading “Invasion through simple means”