Who’s Omni Thenerva?

I am just a new writer in the fiction genre, that tries to tell a story.
I’ve been writing stories with great passion… well, ever since I knew how to write.
Writing small stories, essays being my all-time favourite task to do.
With a love that borders obsession for mythology, and anything that involves the supernatural, I’ve started writing novels around seven-nine (not really sure) years ago, trying to show my view on these topics.
I sincerely hope, that I can bring something relatively refreshing to the great sea that the fiction genre is. (refreshing, not new, that’s is a colossal task)
I love discussions, and debates, especially when the opinions differ, even though sometimes, they devolve in a rather mean conversation.
I truly hope, that here we can communicate freely, about topics we enjoy.
Now, that the nice part of introduction has been done, let’s go to my honest, and personal introduction, and not my writer persona’s.
I am a youngling, early 20s, Romanian, weirdo, part of most fandoms that pertain science-fiction, fantasy, comedy or mystery.
I enjoy talking about any topic, but I like to keep it civil, and nice.
As the Doctor said: “… Never fail to be kind”.

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