Just forget about it, and wing it

The great Conqueror, as the lord of all demons is called, was resting in his throne room, after an arduous day of cultivation, training, and culling some foreign enemies of the realm.
Just as it was considering retiring for the day, a minister came in extremely panicked.
“Your Highness! Your Highness!
One of the generals have fallen!”
The minister said.
“Okay, you know the procedures in such cases, deal with it accordingly.”
The Conqueror said.
It’s not that simple.”
The minister said.
The Conqueror sighed, and gestured for the minister to continue.
“Large settlements, and barracks have been attacked and destroyed.
We have lost countless soldiers at this point, several high ranking officers and now a general.”
He said.
“To whom?”
The Conqueror simply asked.
“Does Your Highness still remember that invader incident a couple months ago?”
The minister asked.
“A goblin settlement had several casualties due to an invader.
A high inquisitor was sent, and it was recorded that it was a low-level humanoid invader, whom reached this realm by mistake.
They were male, with barely any clothes, eating tree barks, and barely able to catch a fish in the Northern Forest.
It was decided that the invader will most likely day within days, thus the high inquisitor went to deal with spies from the other Empires.”
The Conqueror said.
“As expected from Your Highness, indeed…
This is the same invader…whom now is able to kill a general with great difficulty but still…”
The minister murmured.
“So, you want to tell me, a humanoid, youngling, who struggled to deal with goblins, and wildlife, in the matter of months, managed to grow strong enough to deal with my elite soldiers, veterans and even highly trusted generals?”
The Conqueror asked.
The minister bowed deeply, nodding, terrified to answer.
The Conqueror sighed.
“Have one of my daughters meet with him by mistake.
Try not to make it obvious, but ensure that no high-nobility or royal is antagonistic with the invader.
Afterwards, just forget about it, and wing anything related to the individual.”
The Conqueror said, standing up to leave.
“T-t-t-that’s it?”
The minister asked.
“Fate has chosen a new player.
They are hard to deal with it, but he is a man, and I have plenty of daughters, whom I all “love”.”
The Conqueror smiled, leaving.
The minister bowed and left as well, ready to do as he was told to…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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