Life and Death, chained together

In a rather nicely lit cave, with crystal clear liquid dropping from the ceiling, and the moonlight lighting its centre.
There, tied to a rather unsightly amalgamation of ores were two individuals.
One was a tall man with blonde hair, golden eyes, and an extremely pale complexion, wearing clothes made out of herbs, and bark.
The other was a rather short woman, with blood red hair, slightly ashen complexion, and pitch-black eyes, wearing a black dress.
The woman was the first to awaken.
Looking around, she sighed.
“Life, Life, wake up!”
She said.
The man groaned, as his eyes slowly opened.
Haven’t I told you I like to sleep in…”
He murmured.
“Look around you doofus, we are trapped, and my powers don’t work.”
Death said.
“Oh no, will we die?”
Life woke up properly this time.
“You know we can’t die…
Come on, I know you are used to winging it, creating stuff, healing here and there, but come on, use some common sense.”
Death rolled her eyes.
Life shrugged.
“If we can’t die, then I don’t care.
Going back to sleep.”
He murmured.
“Dude, we have duties to uphold.
We need to escape.”
Death said.
“Yeah, but we will escape when we will escape.
And if we can’t, someone will come looking for us sooner or later.”
Life shrugged again.
Death sighed.
“I hope my reapers know what they have to do…”
She whispered.
“Those goodie two shoes?
I bet they are running the hundreds of protocols you left in place.”
Life laughed.
“You are talking as if I were a machine.”
Death pouted.
“Well, you are as random as I am, yet you enjoy life more than you do death, thus you take very seriously…death.”
Life said.
“Death is an experience just like Life, but I tend to think that the afterlife process is quite terrifying for mortals, so yeah, I do take seriously taking care the souls of the deceased.”
Death said.
“You are too kind, sis.”
Life sighed.
“And you are too lazy, bro.”
Death laughed.
“Who do you think chained, Life and Death, together?
A poet?”
Life chuckled.
“Nah, most likely a random mortal, a chaos god or the geezer who still thinks that we are mad at each other.”
Death said.
“Most likely the geezer, I think only he has chains that can actually supress our powers completely.”
Life nodded.
“Then in a couple of years, we will be found, also he might help us take care of our duties, so let’s just kick back, and relax.”
Death said, closing her eyes.
“You! Who are you! What you did with my sister!”
Life exaggerated.
Death tried to elbow him.
She giggled.
The two sat there chained together…but were relaxed, and for the first time in aeons, they had a vacation…even if it was…peculiar.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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