Watching TV with extra steps

Earth has changed.
Just like in novels, many new species appeared as a new form of energy entered our solar system, and washed over our planet.
We changed.
We got stronger, healthier, rowdier.
Soon, not only have our basic physical and mental abilities evolved, but we also started developing special powers.
But so did the plants, and beasts, and since they were a tad bit more than us humans, we had some serious issues.
Fighting ensued, and when they were at the top, when we were winning, it was fluctuating.
But after a while, humanity won…overwhelmingly, and we prospered.
Now, I live in the golden age of cultivation, as they call it, and kind of…
Kind of reached the peak of this universe.
Not that it’s something impressive, for I am not the only one, and this is not the only universe out there.
So, I went out and applied to be a multiverse traveller.
“Purpose of application?”
The clerk asked me.
It was a life goddess, quite popular in these office jobs.
“Visit as many universes possible, and watch interesting events unfold.”
I said.
“Any intention on interfering, gathering data, gathering resources, disciples or cultivation techniques?”
She asked.
“Not really, maybe if something really interesting catches my attention.”
I shrugged.
She looked at me with great intensity.
“You are a human, right?”
She asked.
I nodded.
Humanity was quite popular, and widespread.
We had several empires, and countless sects at intergalactic levels at this point, albeit some older races were still stronger.
She sighed.
“You do realise that what you are saying is…
Is watching TV with extra steps, right?”
She said.
I froze.
“No, no, I will be there in person, and I will experience everything first hand.”
I said.
“Yes, but non interfering, not gathering any materials of different universes, just sightseeing…
That’s like day-dreaming or reading a book or…watching the TV…with a couple of extra details added in it.”
She said.
I laughed.
“Maybe, but at least I am travelling.”
I said.
She shrugged and stamped my documents, after which I left with a smile on my face.
First destination?
A universe which may or may not be extremely similar to one of my favourite shows…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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