Unavoidable change

While this is the exact reason I wanted to open a themed café, this is quite…disheartening.
In front of me was my best friend, Aura, and she was drinking coffee with a smile on her face, yet her eyes were…lifeless.
“This hits the spot.
Listen, little Andrew, I know most people would say that your Aroma Change is a useless power, but being able to change an items molecular properties, and making drinks and food that can alter moods…
It is freaking awesome.”
She said.
I laughed.
“Coming from the best hero in the world, that’s quite the compliment, but you know me, putting a smile on ya’lls faces, helping you release a sigh of relief, and relaxing tense muscles…these are my goals.”
I said.
“Best hero?
I wish that was true…”
She sighed.
I shook my head.
“Look, Aura, it wasn’t your fault.
You saved countless people, a few casualties sadly…were unavoidable.
I know you, and I know that one life is equal to a million in your eyes, but come on, you can’t expect to be everywhere at once.”
I said.
“But still, I could have tried to do more!
Also, the governments…they don’t care!
All they care about is that the villains are stopped…disregarding the…costs.”
Aura said.
“Indeed, but that’s on them, not on you.
You are not omnipotent.”
I said, pouring some more coffee for her.
She drank it, and smiled.
“Yes, but I could do something against it.
The villains…the villains are not a problem, so many heroes are against them…
But there is evil hidden deep within humanity that nobody is even thinking about…”
She murmured.
“You really plan on going down the anti-hero or even villain route, aren’t you?”
I sighed.
“No…maybe…I don’t know.”
She sighed.
I shook my head, and brought out some sweets, snacks, and a pack of fresh coffee beans.
“It’s an unavoidable change, it seems.
Heroes that are truly heroic tend to switch their careers…
Sooner or later.”
I said.
She took the things I brought her, and hugged me.
She whispered.
“No worries, this place will always be a refuge for you…or souls like you.
So come anytime you wish to.”
I said.
She nodded, and left, her confidence nowhere to be seen.
I sighed.
“When will we learn, that we are all of the same source…
After all, we know that alien threats exist…
Sigh, humanity…”
I murmured, as I started to prepare to open the café for the public as well…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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