Gift for a friend

Far before any living being was born, Death was already here, albeit back then they might have had a different name.
Death watched over its domain, and just waited, for one day reality was born, and nothingness was replaced with everything one could imagine.
Celestial bodies were first to be born, and they were also the first to be linked to Death.
Death watched over the new things around with eagerness and warmth, finally, it was not alone.
Casually travelling realities, Death cherished life, and warmly tried to interact with everything.
The celestial bodies stood silent in their presence.
The rocks shattered in their presence.
Deities that were born from reality shunned them, for they were far older than reality itself, thus they were seen as an enemy.
Most living beings couldn’t even sense their presence, lest they were almost already dead.
Thus Death was alone, but they didn’t mind it, albeit it was confusing, for they wanted just to talk to someone.
But then, they met a living being that could see them perfectly, even while at the peak of their life.
It was a feline beast, an apex predator, and it was extremely wary of Death, yet not afraid.
Death smiled, and just walked around the forest, with the feline beast following it.
The feline beast actually got to feast on several stronger beasts that were at the end of their lifespan, or even managed to win against two wounded fellow beasts, as it followed Death on its tour.
At the end of Death’s journey through the forest, the feline beast was walking next to it, acting quite close.
Death liked this, and decided to stay more in the forest, sending avatars instead in the places they needed to be.
The two talked, as Death could talk to all, as they knew every single language, both spoken, and just thought.
It was a blissful time for Death, for the first time in eternity, they were able to talk casually with someone.
But alas, Time passes for living beings, the feline beast reached its lifespan’s end.
“Mortals advanced a lot in these few years, and I learnt a thing or two from them.
A gift for a friend, is usually a ritual used by them.
So here, I gift you, the nine supreme laws blessing, and eight times I shall have to erase your name from my list, until the end of your ninth life.
This gift will go to your descendants as well.
Goodbye, my friend.”
Death said to the feline beast, who now was once again, at its peak.
The feline beast’ bloodline was passed down countless times, until almost all existing feline beings contained a sliver of it in them.
Ever since then, feline creatures were said to have a longer lifespan, are attuned to the spiritual world, and might even be blessed with nine lives.
Death still walks alone but every now and then, cats play with the air, or at least, that’s how mortals see it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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