Help us save the world!

I was preparing for a wonderful bubble bath, to relax myself to the max, when my doorbell rang.
Putting my bathrobe on, I walked to the door, and opened it.
“Hello, and no.”
I said, trying to close the door, but a foot blocked it.
Opening the door again, I sighed.
A group of teens were looking at me with hopeful eyes.
“So you can truly read minds…perfectly at that.
Pleas, help us save the world!”
One of the teens said.
I rolled my eyes.
I said, trying to close the door, but they stopped it again.
One of them started.
I snorted.
“I am not that old, I am just 25.
Ya’ll are 16 and 17, nice and young, properly prepared for saving the world, so shoo, go and do it.
Let me relax.
Also, stop ogling my body, your friends will have bodies like mine or better in a year or two.”
I said.
They blushed, but more so frowned.
“This is the world we talk about!
And it’s in grave danger! It was prophesied that you will help us!”
One of them said.
“Then the prophecy was wrong.”
I said.
“You live in this world as well, how can you be so…so…!”
One of the teen lasses tried to articulate something.
I laughed.
“I have work tomorrow, that’s more of a priority than saving the world.”
I said.
“You are beautiful, but dumb.
If the world is destroyed, you will have no job to go to.”
Another one said, looking as if he wanted to tear the bathrobe off of me.
I shrugged.
“Less to worry about if there is no world.”
I said.
“With your ability, the enemies’ plans, tactics, traps and means would be meaningless.
Please…help us.”
The one I guessed was the leader said.
I said, this time closing the door, without them stopping me.
I heard them murmur, and almost fight, but in the end, under the watchful gaze of the old ladies from my neighbourhood they must have left.
I went back to my bath, trying to forget the scenes some of those horny teens imagined.
“Heh, me saving the world?
From those demons that walk amongst us?
No thank you…they have a taste for women like me.”
I murmured, as I dived in the hot, and bubbly water…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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