Benevolence from an unexpected source

I was born before Time, Space, Death or Fate, or Reality.
I was here when the Void, wasn’t the Void, it just was, no name, no description, just existing.
When reality appeared, it imitated me a bit, creating something called “Dream”, and “Eternity”, after a bit of study, I realised that those were the two main elements that the reality could identify and understand in me.
I didn’t care, even these words I am using now, all came from Reality, after all, I am content with just…being.
So, I just was, until I wanted to check on Reality, and saw that it was almost as big as I was.
Or bigger?
I don’t know how big I was, but it didn’t matter.
What mattered is that Reality…gave birth?
Well, it had shiny things, and not shiny things, and on some of those things, there were little …beings? They were called?
The shiny things were stars? And the other ones were many? Like planets, moons, asteroids?
It was weird, but interesting.
I decided I shall check on Reality a bit more often.
The next time I checked on reality, the little beings became big, and every time I awoke, they got bigger.
Then, they got smaller, and much much more in number.
Then, they started building things.
Beautiful things.
Then they managed to talk with some little beings that were stronger than them, I think they were Reality’s children, but the little beings that became many called these stronger ones Deities.
It was interesting.
So, so interesting.
Compared to the stillness, and certainty of the void, and of myself, these little beings were so varied, so random…
I liked it.
Then, I tried to interact with Reality.
At first, Reality got scared.
Proper, proper scared.
It sent a lot of deities at me, and they tried to fight me.
It took me a lot to stop my natural “Aura” they called it, from harming them.
And finally they understood.
I was a friend.
Then, I started interacting with the little beings.
It was fun, but hard.
Even if I just sent a drop of blood, it would be so strong that most stars would burst in its presence…
It was sad.
But I didn’t give up, and after a while, I managed to weaken it enough so that it could land on planets, and take on a humanoid form.
And it was so worth it.
The little beings were fun, I really enjoyed spending time with them.
But then…they…died?
It was so sad, and so fast.
I barely had enough time to get to know them.
So, I started helping them.
More and more little beings came to me, and I made them live longer and longer.
They loved me for it, and they gave me stuff.
Silly little beings.
I told them I needed nothing, but their little stories, and company, but they didn’t listen to me.
And then, the deities came to me again.
Saying that I was bad, and disrupting the peace, and order of Reality.
I felt confused, but I didn’t want to make them mad, so I left.
Looking at Reality now, the little beings became as strong if not stronger than Deities, and I think it was because of me…
And also because of me, the little beings kind of hate Deities…
I don’t know what to do…
I don’t want to anger Reality more, but I don’t want the little beings to be at war…
I will take a nap, and decide afterwards to do.
Nothing more, but a short nap…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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