You chose…poorly

Life on Earth was the same as usual.
Life took a few steps ahead, a few steps back, every few years, because it was hard for humans to actually agree on something.
In order to help humanity reach its potential faster, an alien race gifted the most benevolent ones amongst all the humans with superpowers.
Then, they busied themselves with different matters, as they already calculated that it will roughly take half a century for the powered individuals to rise to prominence and change Earth for the better.
They left behind someone to monitor humanity, and that was it.
But half a century, fifty years, were nothing much for them, intergalactic affairs took much more time anyway.
So, before the alien ship that was sent to deal with the support of this human planet has even managed to finish one research, it had to come back.
And when they came back, they saw that despite some major improvements here and there, humanity, at least in their eyes, was stagnating.
Their leader, along with several researchers rushed to the monitoring satellite, where the responsible was left behind.
Entering it, they saw their fellow member leaning back, and watching the thousands of monitors with a smirk, shaking their head.
“Lieutenant Medreva? What is happening?
Why no significant changes happened on this mid 0th tier planet?
We have given more than ten thousand people genetic enhancements that would make them near unbeatable in different fields, for at least 2 centuries.
What is going on down there?”
The leader asked.
“Well, you have chosen the ones with the best souls, best morals, and best minds, after a thorough analysis of human history, sociology, and academics.”
Medreva said.
“Stating the obvious lieutenant, you have watched too many human shows.
Tell us, what went wrong?”
The leader asked, again.
“You chose…poorly.”
Medreva chuckled, but nobody else understood why.
“No way, the algorithm ran perfectly!
They were the ones who were the best choice, they wouldn’t be corrupted by the power, and they would do their best to do good!”
One of the researches said.
“Yeah, sure, fifty years I watched them for entire rotations, and I can tell you, they aren’t logical creatures.
Not even their scientists.”
Medreva laughed.
“What has happened, happened.
Tell us, why have we failed?”
The leader sighed.
“You chose poorly, leader, that simple.
Morally grey, or even evil individuals would have done much more good to their species than the ones you have chosen.”
Medreva shrugged.
“That’s impossible!
They would have been corrupted, and would have turned into emperors and empresses!”
A researcher said.
“Yeah, that is indeed a certainty, but they would have allowed their species to develop much faster, for they would have realised from where they power came.
For the morally grey, or evil people believe in facts, and themselves.
They would have known that their powers are from someone else, not a random mutation or a “divine” miracle.”
Medreva chuckled.
“So, then what happened?”
The leader asked, once again, sighing.
“A couple of them used their power for good, but on a small scale, because they were afraid of being caught and experimented upon.
A good number of them found each-other, and managed to solve all the problems of their kind, but they are afraid to release their findings, for the fear of the consequences.
And the rest, either thinks they are going insane, or they think this is a divine gift, and are waiting for the right moment to use it.
And two of them…are so dense they haven’t yet realised that they don’t age, and they are stronger, and smarter than anyone else.”
Medreva said.
Before the researchers could have argued, the leader raised his hand, signalling that there is no room to argue.
“Lieutenant, send a shuttle filled with the technological, and medical advancements needed for their species to solve all their issues, and unite globally.
If in fifty more years, these findings are hidden by certain individuals, make it seem that another human or organization found out about them, and make it public.
The galaxy is in danger, and we need new forces.
Good luck.”
The leader said leaving.
Medreva shrugged, and sent twelve shuttles, that he long prepared already…
They underestimate them just because they haven’t left their planet yet…”
Medreva sighed, continuing to monitor humanity…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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