Why are you dying?

Amidst the sea of stars that filled the galaxies, a figure was jogging leisurely.
Each step of this figure took them from one star to another.
They had a smile on their face, as they continued jogging.
“Phew, exercise is always good after waking up.”
They said, after stopping atop a yellow star.
Looking towards the third planet of this system, they whistled.
“Damn, quite the gathering of fate and providence around there.
I wonder what is this future galactic race doing now?”
They murmured, as they gazed deeper into the planet’s surface.
But the more they looked at it, the more peculiar their expression became.
After a while, they couldn’t take it anymore, and they snapped their fingers.
A man, in a hoodie and sweatpants appeared in front of them, on the sun, yet nothing was happening to him.
“What the fuck?”
The man said, fainting.
The figure just snapped their fingers again, and the man awoke, this time, clear-headed.
“Am I dead?
How the hell am I on the Sun?”
He said, looking under his feet.
“Doesn’t matter, young humanoid mortal.
Tell me one thing: How are you dying?”
The figure asked.
“Am I dying?
That’s why you brought me here?”
The man asked, paling, and shivering.
The figure snapped their fingers, and the man felt better.
“No, little mortal, not you, but your race.
The entirety of your race holds as much providence and fate as entire intergalactic dynasties,
and yet, recent few decades and the future few decades are showing a trend of destruction.
How the Hell is a Fate favoured race dying?”
The figure asked, genuinely flabbergasted.
They knew about Fate, they even met Fate once, so they know very well how Fate’s blessings work.
So seeing such a planet, essentially bathed in providence, and good fortune, looking so…rough, it was weird.
“We aren’t dying mate, we are developing quite right, kind of.
Our leaders are clueless about what we need, and we don’t say a thing until it gets almost too bad, but in the end, we always prevail.”
The man shrugged, the figure’s powers making him extremely relaxed, and honest.
“But you aren’t developing your bodies, nor souls, nor minds?
You haven’t realised yet the potential hidden in your bodies, you haven’t cured your diseases, and you haven’t stepped into spatial exploration.
Given the amount of providence you have, you should be at the level of a Pantheon at the very least, if not a dozen galaxies spanning dynasty.”
The figure said.
“We know that our bodies are vast, and we theorised many things, but we just haven’t found those answers yet.
About diseases, and spatial exploration, an explanation I found plausible, without entering conspiracy theories is that theoretically we would be able, but we lack the resources, like ores, and minerals to create the things that would help us.”
The man said, smiling.
The figure sighed at this, their powers were too much to this mortal, and snapping their fingers once more, the man disappeared, back on their planet, without knowing what had just transpired.
“What is happening here…”
The figure muttered, as they tried to pry into the past of the planet even more, but then, multiple shine lights flashed, and their prying was blocked.
They chuckled, and continued their jog.
“Goddamn sadists…but a stable path to power…albeit still, extremely sadistic…”
The figure thought, as they left this system, and this galaxy behind…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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