The eight sin

I died.
Well, shit happens.
Not much will change for me anyway, not much I cared about, and this…this ain’t the thing I will start caring about.
As for the place I was now in…it was meh.
Bronze sky, with a dark sun, and the ground was ashen grey with humongous trees rising in the distance.
Ahead of me were seven palaces, but once I took a step towards one, the others disappeared and the land…expanded.
I shrugged, and walked aimlessly.
What was good around here was that, I felt no hunger, nor tiredness.
Albeit there were some voices screaming, screeching, it wasn’t that bad.
But no matter how much I walked, I couldn’t arrive at any of the palaces.
So I shrugged, and went towards another direction, where there was nothing.
And I walked, and walked in this middle of nowhere, with nothing close to me, until another palace sprouted right in front of me.
It was surrounded by a thick wall made out of grey bricks, and the palace itself was always changing.
Peculiar was the fact that nor the wall, nor the palace had gates.
You could just enter it.
I shrugged, and entered it, as I was walking its corridors they were always changing, not that it bothered me.
Sometimes they were muddy, sometimes they looked as if made out of the most precious material in the universe.
It still looked meh to me.
I explored it, and occupied myself with what I found.
Food, drinks, a gym, a futuristic gaming centre, from time to time, everything could appear inside this palace.
Anything and everything that exists can appear here.
Not that it made me happy, it felt too random, and too boring, but at least I had something to do.
I didn’t bother to count the time that passed, so somewhat later after I arrived, seven figures appeared at the palace.
“Hello, new brother!
Nice place you have got here!”
One of the figures said.
I walked out, and shrugged.
“Ain’t my place, just living in it.”
I said.
“So I can take?”
It asked, eyes sparkling.
I just shrugged.
It tried to enter the palace, but it couldn’t.
Two of the other figures laughed.
“I am Wrath.
Welcome, Indifference.”
Wrath said, as all the other figures quieted down.
Well, one of them was snoring, but it wasn’t loud.
“I am in Hell.”
I nodded.
They nodded back.
“And you are the eight sin.
Only us live truly here in Hell.
Demons and soul live in pocket dimensions, well, strong demons managed to make themselves places here, but only us got Hell to give us directly a home.”
One of them said.
I might be the eight sin, but I ain’t doing nothing.
I don’t really care about this stuff.”
I said, heading back.
They all laughed.
“Just be yourself, and Hell will do the rest.”
Wrath said, disappearing.
I shrugged, and went back to the ever changing heart of the palace.
I could feel that above the palace, a hole was absorbing and sending the palace’s power somewhere, but I didn’t care.
If it was bad or good, if it was changing or remaining the same, it was the same to me…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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