Why would we do that?

As I was relaxing in my spaceship, right above the Blue Planet, it was about time for my favourite human show to start.
It was about us, well, they called it “Ancient Aliens”, which I found funny, since our evolutionary paths are rather similar, thus we should be considered futuristic to them.
But alas, humans often tout of being extremely rational and logical, and then go an make the most emotionally driven choice possible.
That’s why I love watching their theories.
Like it’s funny to me to see them go so extreme about it, albeit to be fair, most of the others hate it.
They find it humiliating.
To be fair, it is ridiculous to think that such a race as our or any other intergalactic civilization would do something as barbaric as raise a youngling race as workers or even worse…slaves.
After all, that’s why we created droids and automatons, why would we limit our need for building and construction to the needs of fleshly creatures, when the mechanical ones are tireless and extremely precise ones?
But I like these things, they entertain me.
Like the theory that the pyramid structures of the Blue Planet were created by us.
Why would we do that?
Some of us might have sent some information to the early humans, but relatively basic architectural , agricultural and medicine ones.
Most of the information has been developed by humans.
It’s quite interesting to note that, albeit recent years’ humans are factually smarter, they lack the drive, ingenuity and desire for development that the previous generation showed.
Well, that might be because human civilization was broken three times already, but I can’t be sure.
But these shows of their, huh, quite entertaining.
It seems they are rather good with developing their creativity, even though sometimes is ridiculous.
Like, they think some of their ancestors are descended from us?
I mean, our genetic technology could allow it, but why would we risk the stability of the genes of an indigenous species, just to…reproduce?
That’s why gene interventions exist, so we can reproduce healthily, amongst ourselves, it’s quite ludicrous to think that we would experiment on humans.
At least this barbaric way of chimeric creations they think of.
Also, as humans have laws so do we, it’s frowned upon to interact too closely with a developing society, for it can break their spirit of innovation, and ultimately make them a stale species, without an ounce of progress desire.
But my favourite theory is always the one that states that we lurk amongst them, and that they have sighted us several times.
How shameful it would be, that our technology that allowed us to travel thousands if not more light years, is unable to…camouflage us?
Or malfunctions randomly? On a barely tier 1 planet, with almost no possible interference?
Ah, watching these shows is the only thing that makes the outpost bearable.
I mean, some theories are actually right.
We do supervise humans, after all, life is precious, intelligent life even more so.
And whilst we don’t want to influence too much them, because self-developed civilisations are much more valuable, and much more profitable and efficient as allies…
We also don’t want them to go extinct randomly.
Why would we do that?
After all, if we are to survive in this nigh-infinite universe, we need all the help we can get…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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