You hate me, but need me

This is getting extremely annoying.
It’s one thing that whenever somebody manages to catch a glimpse of me, there are entire cities sent to hunt me.
And it’s one thing that if I ever dare to step personally into a city, I will be hunted by everyone in that city and probably several neighbouring ones as well.
But come on, even when I am asleep on the moon, they still send ships after me?
As I was stretching, and grumbling to be fair, I wasn’t in a good mood after being woken up, they sent shuttles over to my place.
The moon was habitable at this point, more or less, if you ignored the meteor showers from time to time, the radiation, and the weird underground creatures that like to chew me.
Not that I cared.
“Great Destroyer, we have come to ask for your help.”
The ones exiting the shuttle said through a megaphone, or something similar but more “advanced”.
“Yeah, would appreciate if you would call me by my name, which is Jonathan, and not GrEaT DeStRoYer.”
I rolled my eyes.
“Excuse us for not knowing the etiquette needed to interact with someone of your…renown.
After all, not many Jonathans can breath in the void, nor can they survive radiation when they shower in the sun.”
The speaker said.
I chuckled.
“A shower in the sun makes it sure I don’t have anything bad on me.
Sue me for that…
Wait, you all did that already.”
I sighed.
“Master! Why do we need to seek help from such an…individual?”
A follower of the speaker asked.
I snorted.
“Just call me an alien, or monster, or freak mate, I don’t care.
Deny it all you want, I am still a human just like you.
So, tell me, what the hell is threatening your precious “Empire”, this time?”
I asked.
Most of the ones that came here were angered, some even starting to have killing intent towards me, but the speaker was still smiling.
“Of course, Sir…Jonathan.
A level 5 civilization’s first and second fleet are coming towards us.
Roughly five quintillion ships in size.
We need you to eradicate them all.”
He said.
I stretched, and as I moved, the moon shook.
“Done deal.
But you know, you should really try to change your behaviour.
You hate me, but you need me oh so much.”
I said, jumping off of the surface of the moon, heading straight towards the enemy fleet…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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