Hello, it’s me…again

I was walking the long, dark, yet familiar corridors once more.
The line was long, but it was as if time has stopped for me.
Well, it kind of did, but that’s another matter.
I waited my turn patiently, and finally it arrived.
I walked up to the door of the office, and the sound of typing could be heard.
A melodious voice shouted, and I entered.
Walking up to the oh so familiar desk, I waited for the figure sitting at the desk to finish typing.
“Now, let’s see who you are…”
She said, taking her gaze off of the computer, and looking at me.
Her eyes lost focus for a second, before realising who I was.
“Death! Come here for a second!”
She shouted, and a figure materialised next to her.
“Yes, dear Sophia, what happened this time?
I am pretty sure I haven’t dropped off anyone at the wrong afterlife this time.”
Death said, smiling.
“Look at him.”
Sophia said, gesturing with her head towards me.
“Ah, John, hello, how are you?”
Death smiled, waving at me.
“Hello, it’s me again.”
I chuckled.
“Yeah, it’s him AGAIN, Death.
Him, AGAIN, anything to say about this miraculous encounter, dear Death?”
Sophia asked Death, smiling with a smile that wasn’t a smile.
“Well, who knows?
Oh, you hear that, someone just died, got to go, byee”
Death said, disappearing.
Sophia sighed.
“So, John, I know you know the drill.
It’s your 4th time at us, after all.”
She said.
“Yes, I am sorry, must be a lot of paperwork.”
I chuckled wryly.
“Not really.
It’s just weird, we have your papers registering you at your afterlife.
So how can you die…again?
And appear here, as if you were …alive and then died…again?”
She said.
“Dunno, I go there, I chill for a day or so, then I am back in the living world.
Amongst the living…with the same name, same look, but a different identity.
In a different place, sometimes different time, or even planet…”
I shrugged.
“Okay, never mind.
I will have Death talk with Time and Life, maybe they know something, and if they don’t, I will put in a request to have a meeting with Fate.
Here are your documents, Death will lead you to your afterlife.
Have a nice one John.”
Sophia said, giving me my paperwork.
As soon as the papers were in my hand, Death’s hand was on my shoulder.
“Let’s go again, John, oh John.
Tell me, how was this life of yours?
As good as it’s written in your file?”
Death said, as I was led away….

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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