Debts must be paid

I stood on the balcony, watching our great estate being engulfed in ash and smoke.
A great legion of Hell materialised on our lands, isolating it completely from the outside world.
Because for centuries, my family dealt with dark magic, in order to ensure our wealth, power and influence.
But, since they were a bit too talented, and a whole lot greedy, they didn’t fulfil their side of the agreements.
And now, the legion of Hell, filled with grinning demons, was confiscating our possessions.
And weirdly enough, they are taking…me as well.
“Young Master, this is for the greater good of the family.
I..I am sorry, and we thank you.”
The butler said from behind, as he left with the last of our servants.
I continued to watch the sight of demonic entities making their way towards the mansion, and to my great joy, how they actually let everyone leave…freely.
I sighed in relief.
“Oh-ho! This is rather interesting.
You actually seem…happy.”
A sultry voice said.
Turning back, I saw a rather indecent looking female demon standing in the doorway.
I want to say she was naked, but her nipples and intimate area was covered by some scales.
“Well, my family is safe and sound, or at least it seems so.
So, I am happy indeed.”
I said.
“But you are sooo young, know so little, and they sacrificed you for their own good.”
She said, almost purring, looking me up and down.
I shrugged.
I was taught how to handle most social situations.
Seduction was one of the first thing I learnt to counter.
“I am the heir.
I have to.
And frankly, I want to pay the debts of my family, for debts must be paid.”
I said.
She walked in, getting closer, I could smell her fragrance.
It was sweet, almost overwhelmingly, and it was…
It was the smell of sex.
“I am Loeva, a succubus of the Duke your family made their deals with.
You shall come with us in Hell, where a job will be given to you.
Prior to that, you shall be transformed into a demon.”
She said, turning around.
I followed her.
“That’s quite the reward.
Becoming a demon is something some of my family pursued from what I know.”
I said.
“You are quite nonplussed by this.”
She giggled.
“My great-grandpa is 250 years old, when the average life expectancy is 80.
I doubt one needs to be a genius that something shady is going on.”
I rolled my eyes.
“You knew for a while, yet from what I heard, only after inheriting the patriarch position are you informed about all this.”
She smirked.
“What can I say, I was always a little too curious.”
I chuckled.
We walked amongst the hordes of demons, as they made way for us.
They were…reverent towards the succubus.
We walked into a gate that led to Hell, and I was led to a pool of blood that would initiate my transformation.
With a hideous grin the demon that was responsible for the pool informed me that it will be painful.
I slowly undressed, as I really liked my suit, it was custom made, with high quality fibre, not easily cut or damaged.
And jumped into the pool.
It was painful, but not as painful as my trainings were…
And I had to endure, for debts must be paid.
And I always pay my debts…tenfold…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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