I am sorry…It seems I am leaving you too

I slowly walked up on the stairs I walked for the last 87 years of my life.
I was nervous.
Going home was always joyful, I visited mom daily.
And now…
I sighed.
But before I could open the door, it was opened from the inside.
Warmth, and the smell of cinnamon and food washed over me.
A sweet voice exclaimed, as I was hugged.
I hugged her back.
She was tiny of a woman, young looking, with a fiery red hair, yet such a warm and gentle smile.
She looked at me with a grin, before frowning.
“You are losing weight again…”
She murmured before starting to check me all over.
She looked as if she could be my great-granddaughter, but I couldn’t retort.
“Mom, let’s go inside, the neighbours are looking.”
I said, gently ushering her back inside.
“Okay, okay, you are now too old and embarrassed being seen with your mom.”
She chuckled, as she headed in.
I followed her to the kitchen, where watching her cook, and with the apron I bought her decades ago, she almost looked like a normal mom.
That is…if you ignored the fact that she didn’t age a bit.
As I watched her cook, I felt…relaxed.
We ate my favourite, and afterwards, we watched our favourite show together.
As the show was slowly ending, I looked at mom.
“How come nobody finds it weird you aren’t aging?”
I asked.
She shrugged.
“Nobody seems to be able to associate me with well…myself after a three decades.
Basically, our neighbours think I am your granddaughter.
Imagine that!”
She laughed.
I chuckled as well.
“Thank God, we can remember you.
Sophia misses you.”
I said.
Sophia being my actual granddaughter.
“I miss her too, she’s almost ready to get married, she should get herself a nice chap.”
My mom said.
I sighed.
I started.
She looked at me with knowing eyes.
And then she hugged me.
I broke down crying.
“I am…I am so sorry…
It seems…
It seems I am leaving you too!”
I said, sobbing.
My time was up…
“Don’t worry child, you gave me so much more than anyone else could have.
And don’t forget, you lived a life worthy of envy.”
She smiled.
I smiled as well.
She raised me to be ambitious, but cautious, and so, so curious.
“Sofi will take care of everything…
You are to inherit this house, actually, the property is already on your name, I just had it renewed, so nobody finds it weird that it has belonged for more than a century to the same person.”
I said, standing up.
“You will go to the Good Place.
Say hi from me to your brothers, sisters and to your dad.”
She said.
I nodded, and left…
I didn’t know if I had the chance to see her again, but I just couldn’t stay anymore…
I could feel her sadness and pain and also…her numbness to this…
I couldn’t take it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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