Sorcerers are the tools of magic

For aeons the humans were nothing more than prey.
They were food, and entertainment for the other races.
For they weren’t as long lived as the elves, or dragons, or dwarves.
For they weren’t as strong as the beasts.
For they weren’t able to use the celestial energy as the phoenixes were.
Everything could just toy with humans.
But all that changed when the sorcerers appeared.
As superior the other races thought of themselves, they often used the humans as toys.
This lead to many half-breeds.
And from them the sorcerers rose.
Humans, as they were always raised by their human parents, that could use magic.
They could control the elements.
They could lift mountains.
They could drink entire oceans.
But they laid low for a long time.
And when they had enough power, they struck at their “lords” and “parents”.
It was a quick retribution.
Many tribes were beaten back, and many planets were taken as human property.
Of course, the human race was the youngest, so they couldn’t hold a candle to the main branches of each of these races, but finally, they could taste some freedom.
Or so they thought.
They were already captive in a never ending race.
Always striving to be better and better, for they feared the retaliation from the true monsters of each tribe they have driven off.
The more they learned magic, the more they yearned.
And they learnt, that magic comes from the universe.
As they use it, they breath it in, and exhale a part of it.
But the fact was, that most of the other races weren’t doing so.
They were able to capture the magic in their bodies, not releasing a part of it back.
This made them more resilient, but in return, they couldn’t use more than the magic they had.
Of course, they had more than humans at this point, but humans theoretically could use the magic from all around them.
And thus they studied.
And slowly, they learnt.
By trial and error, they managed to resonate with the magic all around them, and understanding the truth deeper and deeper, they got stronger.
And when the attack, that was obvious that would come, came, the other races were faced with a newly born behemoth.
A behemoth they underestimated.
In mere couple dozen thousands of years, the human race rose to be in the top ten races of the universe.
From being merely a servant, or even worse race in the eyes of the universe, they became a proper powerhouse.
They gloated in their enemies’ misery, and prided themselves in their achievements.
But what they didn’t know, is that the universe shouldn’t be as rich as it is, for it was already old.
But as the humans killed more and more old ones, the magic in their bodies was released back into the natural cycle.
Unknowingly, they were used by the universe, by magic, in order for it to strengthen itself.
Magic wasn’t a tool for sorcerers.
Sorcerers were the tools of magic in order to free its portions from the old ones, that managed to learn how to trap it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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