Unfortunately for both them and me…my contract is over

The universe was in peril…once again.
But this time it was different.
The invaders already triumphed over the varied pantheons, and have managed to conquer even the Silver City.
Indeed, Heaven has fallen.
Now, ironically, the uncountable number of mortal races banded together, are fighting the enemy that even the deities failed to a stalemate in many worlds.
Yet, the number of galaxies controlled by the native inhabitants of the universe was  diminishing by each century.
The number of souls going into the afterlife was overwhelming, but now, with Heaven overrun, the Reapers were sending all the souls…to Hell.
On the tallest mountain of Hell, the peak was missing, cleanly shaved off in order to make a plateau for the palace.
The palace was magnificent, with countless rare materials, and bones of creatures being used in its construction.
Its halls were endless, its towers sky piercing, and its dungeons deep inside the mountain, used as prison.
In the throne hall, Lucifer sat leisurely, looking at the Princes, archdukes and higher-ups of Hell.
“My liege, the universe is dying.
Almost all pantheons are extinct, almost no natural, nor old demigod or deity exists anymore.
Only those birthed by mortals in recent aeons are holding their ground against the invaders.
Hell is…hell is filling up.”
An almost naked woman said, kneeling.
She was Lilith, mother of demons.
“Younger Brother Michael died…
The Geezer died or went missing…
It seems its time.”
Lucifer said, as he stood up.
His usual black three-piece suit, with a red tie was exchanged into a golden one, with a royal blue tie.
He looked taller, and upon his back was his demonic spear, and on his waist…a flaming sword.
“Your orders, my liege!”
The demons boomed, as Lucifer walked amongst them.
“I had to become who I am, for the universe needed me.
That was the contract between me and the Old Man.
Now, my contract is sadly, for both them and me, over.”
He said.
The demons were confused, but Lucifer just took out the Keys of Hell, and broke them.
At that moment, the entire universe quaked, and all the portals, gates and entrances to Hell were …opened.
“If you worry that Hell will be overcrowded, here, I solved the issue, Lilith.
Demons! The Universe is your playground!
But if you are not too bored to do so, attack the invaders first, and then the natives.”
Lucifer’s voice boomed across the entirety of Hell.
His words elicited loud cheering, shouting and screeching from the demons, as with their ruler’s approval, now poured into the gates, outside into the real world.
“My liege…
Does this mean that…”
Azazel started as he approached Lucifer.
“We are at war, old friend.
And I can’t be damned a second time, so we have an advantage.”
Lucifer laughed, as he disappeared.
On this day, the invaders realised that this universe was not an easy target.
And on this day they learnt, that the devil’s wrath burns brighter than the light of a billion stars…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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