Five schools of magic

In the vast Empire of Mankind, there are plenty ways of one to get stronger.
The way for the powerless, is the way of Science, the way of using technology to bridge the gap between the other races.
But even though most people use technology to bridge the gap, the true warriors and elites are those who belong to the Five Schools of Magic.
These humans are those who have talents to connect with one of the five main sources of energy in their known universe.
The School of Celestial Bodies.
This school has multiple branches, each taking their powers from different celestial bodies, be them the sun, the moon, stars or even other phenomenon found in space.
Then there is the School of Flesh and Blood.
This school theorises that one’s body is just as vast as the universe, and upon researching and expanding upon this subject, one can become truly immortal and unstoppable.
Their power comes from within, as they eat and drink a lot in order to enhance their cells.
Then comes the School of the Elements, which uses the natural energies around everyone in order to gain power.
Attuning to an element or more, allows them to siphon energy from it, and also resonate with it, and use it as attacks.
Then there is also the School of Energy, which state that everything is energy, and everything and anything can be used in order to gain power.
Despite being of such a broad understanding, this school has a stringent requirement on talent, and on tolerance of pain.
Then there is the School of Mother Nature, that uses the planets and their natural resources as energies in order to strengthen themselves, and create spells.
And lastly, there is the School of Knowledge.
This school doesn’t believe that there is one certain way of attaining power, but rather that understanding how everything works, brings with it power.
Thus they study, and study, and when their research makes a breakthrough, they are blessed with energy, which enhances their bodies, minds and souls.
The five schools are vying for supremacy in the Empire of Mankind, alongside with the way of Science, but nothing too serious.
After all, the true enemies are those outside the boundaries of the empire, and all and every forces are needed in order to combat them.
Even when fighting, they often stop before inflicting fatal injuries, and most fights are just simply used as ways to better the other school, and to eliminate the weaknesses of each path.
In a sense the five schools are one.
They are one in their humanity, and through their unity was the Empire created.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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