He is of the pack

In a small town situated at the edge of a forest, the peace, order and the development was taken care of by a werewolf pack.
They were here before the first human settler came, and they let them build whatever they wanted, as long as they kept themselves in check.
They wanted the humans to respect nature, and whilst they accepted this, they asked the pack for favours, for help.
And so on, after centuries, this town now is under the complete leadership of the pack.
Because the pack values loyalty, trust and honesty, which are extremely good values for a leader role.
Also, they are extremely talented, smart and longer lived, and since they are not out of touch with the world, they are quite rich.
Thus the town flourished.
But no matter how good the werewolves were.
No matter how human they looked in their human form.
No matter how much they helped the townsfolk, they were still feared.
After all, the townsfolk were mere humans, individuals that would require but a swipe from a werewolf to be killed.
And they were humans indeed, and the fear of  the unknown, of the different was primordial.
This way, no matter how nice they are to the pack, no matter how they actually enjoy the atmosphere of the town, they will still keep their distance.
That is at the very least, most of them.
There is some that are friends with the pack, and individual even managed to become part of the pack, whilst being a pure human.
And the townsfolk learnt to live with this information.
They respect this individual, and they would do so anyway, for he is the vet, and also a really great and kind soul.
But those who come here for business, for resting, for hunting in the forest, those who come in order to cosy up with the pack, they aren’t aware of the fact.
The townsfolk always warn them.
“Be careful of the pack, don’t slight their pack members, and don’t forget about the vet, your devices will tell you he is 100% human, and he is, but nonetheless, he is part of the pack.”
Is the warning given to them.
Most people listen to it, but some, just ignore, crediting it to the weirdness of a town ruled by werewolves.
Thinking that they see everyone as a pack member.
And thus, because the vet is a man of a great stature, yet of a kind, even shy nature, young ones often pick on him.
There was once a group of young ones, trying to vandalise his place, and car, and were surrounded by several pack members.
Mind you, the pack lived in these woods for centuries or more, they number in the hundreds, with many werewolves travelling from afar to join them.
When the vet came out of his place, he saw four young men frightened by a crowd of pack members.
One of the werewolves growled.
“He is of the pack, stop annoying him!”
She said.
Do they cherish you because you are a vet?!”
One of them tried to be courageous and mocked them.
“That was mean, and stupid, and too stereotypical?
No, she is my little sister.”
He said, pointing to the alpha’s wife.
Sadly, even though that case became a viral story on the internet, there are still those who don’t know what is good for them…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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