I did nothing wrong

Standing in this stone cold stone halls, yep, dad jokes from the get-go, whatever, let me get back to the story.
Standing in this stone cold stone halls, I was looked down by my fellow guild mates.
Weathered old men and women, filled with scars as battle trophies.
This is the life of a Monster Hunter, and now I am judged.
“Timothy, you were a runner up for an elder position.
Why did you have to throw it all away?”
The leader of this meeting sighed.
“Mate, I did nothing wrong.
So I don’t really know what you are talking about.”
I shrugged, and as I did that, my cuffs broke.
They all stared at me.
“Come on, you know how I managed to kill my way out of that kun’s stomach!
You think that after being bathed both in its blood, in the blood of the dragons it ate, and in its acid, something as these angel cuffs could work on me?”
I rolled my eyes.
“You were a legend!
And yet…and yet you killed 50 humans!”
A youngling shouted.
“Silence! A baby still reeking of his mother’s milk shouldn’t speak here!
But he’s right, Timothy…you killed a party of 50 humans, and left the Faun escape.
I know that sometimes casualties are impossible to be avoided, and I know there are criminals, and villains out there that sadly, can’t be ignored…
But this was a party of adventurers and church warriors…”
The leader said.
“Still don’t see what I did wrong.
The faun and the young lass who was supposedly his “victim”, were married.
They did so under the holy light of Selene and the trees and other inhabitants of the Old Forest told me that Pan’s spirit himself blessed them.
So, I see nothing wrong with them frolicking under the warm night.”
I shrugged.
“The lass was clearly bewitched, and you are a monster hunter!”
One of the other elders exclaimed.
“Meh, monster hunter indeed, not supernatural hunter.
Those 50 caught the faun, and were torturing it.
Also, the faun brought his gold to the lass, and the lass was living the best time of her life, so don’t talk about bewitching, for I know better than anyone else how it looks.”
I rolled my eyes.
“You went against…”
They started.
“No, I didn’t.
Our commandments say that we should protect life from the atrocious monsters.
There are communities of dryads, nymphs, mermaids that live peacefully with humans, so the supernatural doesn’t equate being a monster.
Those adventurers enjoyed torturing, and using supernatural creatures as toys, whilst the church saw them as nothing more than objects.
I, as always, did my investigation thoroughly, and I know you know it as well, for I have sent my findings to this council.
I will state it again, I did nothing wrong, thanks for seeing me, goodbye.”
I said, leaving.
Nobody stopped me.
I don’t know if it was because they agreed with me.
If it was because they more or less understood what I meant.
Or because they simply, couldn’t stop me.
Nobody could.
I live my life for myself, and my loved ones, and I shall do it guilt free…
I did nothing wrong.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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