Why do you keep trying to assassinate me?

I was having my morning tea, watching the gentle breeze make the leaves of my trees dance.
The lake in my backyard was calm, nature was at peace.
The insects, and the animals I kept were already doing their jobs: eating, and being lively.
One of the wolf cubs came up to me, ready to play.
It was a joyful start of the day.
Then, the three shadows jumped at me, eager to stab me, cut me, or slice me.
I just slightly sighed, as they were gently moved towards the lake by the breeze.
They looked at me with a glint in their eyes.
They were afraid, yet they were relentless.
I chuckled, and three cups of tea were floating towards them.
“Sit down, and drink.
This is a place of relaxation.”
I said.
They frowned, but did what I said regardless.
After all, this weren’t the first time these young’uns came to assassinate me.
“So, tell me.
Why do you keep trying to assassinate me?”
I asked.
“Your ideas are too dangerous for this universe.
So many desire your demise.”
One of them answered…to their own surprise.
Well, my tea is special, what can I say.
“Hoho, I just preach about nature and the world, and about how stillness and peace is a universal destination after everything is said and done.”
I laughed.
They rolled their eyes.
“But you are a Sage…your words have literal power.
And people are afraid.
Afraid of a world with no conflicts and no…development.”
They said.
“That’s just a simple misunderstanding.
Stillness and peace needs to be achieved at the peak.
You young’uns are far from that, so no need to worry.
It’s just it’s a much better goal than simple power or riches.”
I said.
They sighed.
“And that’s why we need to kill you.”
One of them said.
“Well, good luck, I am one with nature, so…
I kind of feel everything, the entire universe feels, if I desire so.
So…good luck ambushing me?”
I said.
They just nodded, and left.
I didn’t stop them.
After all, I doubt they could kill me.
And if they could…
This universe would be a step closer to peace and proper stillness…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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