Palace of the Sandman

There is a legend, out in the Great Deserts of Flowing Sand.
Nobody knows exactly how it started, but the once lush and humid forestry south continent, now had half of its territory swallowed by sand.
That’s how the Great Deserts were born, and to this day, the sand is still flowing, ever-growing.
But that is not a legend.
That is but a fact.
And scientists have theorised why this happened, yet nothing conclusive has been reached…yet.
No, the legend is not something that can be simply categorised as a natural, extreme phenomenon.
The legend is about a palace seen in the heat of the noon sun.
About a palace of untold beauties, and uncountable forms.
About a palace of unfathomable horrors.
It was a palace seen by all the travellers never to be seen again, lost forever in the charms and the halls of the palace.
It was a palace that beguiled everything that saw it.
It was a palace where dreams and nightmares roamed free, its halls filled with untold secrets and mysteries.
Inside one would be able to find inspiration, love, motivation, dreams and goals, and most importantly…hope.
From afar, the palace is light a fire in a blizzard.
Flickering, a spot of light in complete darkness, warmth in extreme coldness, a place of hope of survival.
Yet nobody who enters it ever comes out alive.
For it is The Palace of the Sandman, the rules of Nightmares and Dreams, of the reality inside the consciousness of mortals and divine beings alike.
It is the Palace of such a being that even those who we are afraid of, shiver when in its presence.
And yet…
This is not what makes this legend a legend.
It is truly extraordinary, amazing, and unbelievable.
Yet it is often seen.
Great beings being depicted is not something out of the ordinary.
All legends talk about the same place, yet it is always different.
Not even this is worthy to make it a proper legend.
One common thing about these stories is what makes it peculiar and extraordinary.
Nobody ever comes out alive.
That is something ascertained, nobody ever walked out alive, or dead to be fair out of the palace.
One someone enters it, they are never yet seen again in the world.
And yet…
Yet these stories are propagated, always, and spreading more and more.
But who is telling these stories?
How are such details concerning such a deadly place spreading across the universe?
How can scientist ascertain the position of the palace, due to the movement of the sandstorms, yet unable to see it with their own eyes?
How can people find traces of it, according to guides left behind by those who entered it…
If those who enter it never leave?
The Palace of the Sandman is a mystery, that is a spark of never ending theories, and maybe…
Maybe that is its purpose…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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